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There are lots of old-fashioned century wedding dresses to wear on a special wedding day. If you are willing to create a beautiful and a magnificent visual impact just pick a 13th century wedding dress. For example, the Scottish wedding dress is one of the most old dress traditions designs for you to choose for a classy and elegant Scottish wedding theme. In Scotland, weddings were extremely medieval and traditional. The churches and wedding locations were and still are very unique, in a Celtic style.

Nowadays Scottish wedding ceremonies aren’t that sophisticated, formal and conventional as they were back then, but more casual and chic. Nevertheless, Scottish weddings still have that medieval air, reminding everyone of the old Celtic wedding rituals. Imagine how specific the Scottish wedding dresses were back then.

Color combinations were darker and more serious than today. But white and cream traditional Scottish wedding dresses were extremely beautiful and pretty much worn at that time. If you think that you have a great sense of humor, you could accept that your groom dresses in a traditional Scottish wedding outfit too. It won’t be a very significant difference between your dress and his Scottish wedding dress, mostly because his wear looks almost like yours! Grooms in wedding skirts are very hard to find and see in any other places then in Scotland. Therefore you must take a serious advantage of the fact that you are getting married in a Scottish style and convince your future husband to wear a specific full Highland Scottish wedding dress.

A modern Scottish bride would wear a more elegant and colorful Scottish wedding dress, if she doesn’t feel attracted to the white traditional wedding gown. The groom would usually wear a traditional sporran, kilt jacket and a Highland jacket. For a good-luck, a modern Scottish bride still can wear the traditional horseshoe to her arm. This is a very old tradition that is meant to bring her and her future family wealthy, prosperity, fidelity and fortune. As for the “something old” issue, a traditional Scottish bride can pass on to the next generation of brides her own Scottish wedding dress. At least that is what tradition says in Scotland.

Even the Scottish brides have to wear something blue, and for that she can choose a blue garter to symbolize the love and affection. This blue garter will have the same role later at the wedding night party where traditions mix with others. Also for good-luck and fortune, a Scottish traditional bride can wear in her shoes a silver coin. There are many modern Scottish brides who feel enchanted with Scottish wedding traditions and still accept to play along with them and enjoy something new and exotic.11

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