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Lots of future brides seems to have their concerns concentrated on mostly one thing about their wedding planning: how to save money on several items, such as the wedding dress. Even if there are lots of brides who don’t want to compromise their look on the wedding, we can honestly tell you that you don’t necessarily need a Vera Wang dress to be a princess on your wedding day. Don’t get me wrong, Vera still makes dresses that I would kill for, but where you are on a budget, spending thousands of dollars on your wedding dress is not exactly something you can afford.

This is why I’ve come up with some ideas that can actually help you save money.

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#1: Simple is better. When the price tag seems a bit exaggerated, it’s probably because you are looking at a model with lots of embellishments. If you look for a simple wedding gown, the price will significantly be lower.

#2: Look for second-hand dresses. I hope you ladies realize that if you want a really expensive wedding dress, you’re actually paying thousands of dollars for a piece of clothing that you only get to wear once in your life. Here’s a question for ex-brides: how many of you have actually taken out the wedding dress from the basement/attic/closet/whatever place you store it in, to take a look at it after the big day has passed? Chances are your wedding dress will be forgotten in some corner of the house for the rest of your life. Unless you are one of those mothers who is looking to push her old wedding dress down her daughter’s throat. So, why not opt for a rental? OnceWed is just an example of an online business where you can even find designer dresses at extremely low prices, simply because they’ve been worn once or because some bride has remorse and returned it without even wearing it.

Borrowing magnolia full length dresses 0097 1

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#3: Online is cheaper. As always, shopping online for clothes is cheaper than wasting time, money and energy with having to go from store to store. Of course, the disadvantage is that you won’t get to try the wedding dress on, although there are some online store that will allow you to open the package and check its content before paying the courier.

#4: Subscribe, subscribe, subscribe. We’re generally annoying with some of the website subscriptions we’ve made in our lives, mostly because we end up receiving tons of email with content we never really need. Well, when you’re on the market for a wedding dress, subscribing to online stores is not such a bad idea. You will be updates on the latest offers, models and sales and word has it, some stores even create special promotions and discount exclusively for their subscribers.

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#5: It’s a seller’s market. If you do end up buying a really expensive wedding dress, why not sell it once the wedding is over? You won’t be able to recover the entire amount you paid for it, but you will end up having some extra cash that you could use for something else. A Caribbean honeymoon, maybe?

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