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Officially known as the “SeaSeeker Mask”, a pair of waterproof Snapchat spectacles can change vacation photos as we know them. Between the 21st and the 25th of June, Royal Caribbean has tested its idea with the help of 3 people: Roberto Ochoa, a marine wildlife photographer and conservationist; Marine biologist Gaby Nava, an activist focused on regenerating diverse underwater ecosystems; and competitive free diver, Ashleigh Baird, who dove into Belize’s Hol Chan Marine Reserve (which is part of the Belize Barrier Reef).

In their official press release, Royal Caribbean stated:

“The mask was custom engineered by the cruise line for use with Snapchat Spectacles. It allows the wearer to snap while underwater and will give those above the surface a unique perspective into the intriguing underwater world of marine life.”

Basically, the SeaSeeker is aiming to replace your GoPro and allow you witness the wonders of the underwater world, with the possibility of live photo streaming on your Snapchat account. The mask is still a prototype, but promises 30 minute water submerges at 150 feet deep. Words out there says that the device will be launched by this fall.

[Source: Royal Caribbean]

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