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The tradition of bridesmaids and groomsmen goes back to medieval times, when the groom, together with his friends, would plan to kidnap the bride if her family opposed to the wedding. Back then, bridesmaids and groomsmen were really important, because the kidnapping could not be successfully completed without these 2 parties. They would dress like the bride and groom and sit next to them, to protect the lovers. If kidnapped, the parties would be in charge with setting the pursuers off track.

Depending on the traditions of each country, one can have multiple bridesmaids and groomsmen, or just a single pair. Since these roles imply a certain amount of responsibilities, choosing mature people can make a huge difference.

How do you make the right choice?

In general, a bride chooses her maids from the line of single (and by single, I just mean “not married”) friends. The bridesmaid and groomsman don’t really have to be a couple, but each of them had to be approved by both the bride and the groom. But how do you make the choice without discriminating other people unwillingly?


Every bride is tempted to ask her best friend to be a bridesmaid, whether we’re talking about a childhood friends, a close cousin or a college roomie. The groom will use the same criteria to make a final choice. But there are cases where the bride does not want a huge bridal party, so she must settle for a single friend. How can that be done with elegance and without upsetting the other girls?

A possible solution would be to look inside your group of friends and choose two people that already form a couple in real life. This way, it would make perfect sense for them to be bridesmaid and groomsman and would not cause a scene with the others.

If you have brothers and/or sisters, the choice is pretty obvious and would leave no more room for additional comments.

I do have one last though on the matter: whether you choose 1 bridesmaid or 10, they have to be people who are really close to you. These are the people that will really struggle with making sure they play their wedding role properly because they want you to be happy and would love to bring meaningful contribution to your wedding day.


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