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Every bride needs to consider certain aspect when choosing her bouquet, like the way it complements her figure, her dress, her hairstyle and her natural beauty. One must also consider her favorite flowers, the colors chosen for the wedding theme or the bridal jewelry worn on the big day. Of course, no one can impose a certain style for your big day, but it’s important to choose decorative elements that match one another. For example, if you are not tall, but you do have a beautiful cleavage that needs to stand out, medium to small wedding bouquets are recommended.


What brides prefer

Wedding florists have lots of demands for peonies, roses and orchids. Peonies are summer flowers with a strong perfume and they are available in shades of white, pink and purple. The flower itself has a royal fling to it, but also a vintage aura that inspires romance. Brides are absolutely in love with these flowers. Roses are the uncontested symbol of romance. Even more, their price is accessible and they come in almost every color. Orchids are mysterious flowers, chosen for their exotic appearance.


Flowers for a fall wedding

If you’re getting married in the fall, you need to choose flowers that are in tone with mother-nature: flowers in several shades of gold, burgundy, copper and mixtures of green and brown. Rustic is the keyword for an autumn wedding, so you shouldn’t be afraid of choosing specific elements such as tree bark, autumn leaves, small dry chili peppers (either red or green), grapes, etc. The best flowers for an autumn wedding are cymbidium, chrysanthemum, dahlias, sun flowers, etc.



Combinations to avoid

Some brides tend to opt for exaggerated combinations of flowers that don’t really fit together. This is why the best florists are the ones the first inquire about your favorite flowers, the textures that draw their attentions, their personality and the couple’s personality and so on.


Common mistakes

The most common mistakes in choosing the flowers for your wedding bouquet are:

  • Opting for pale shades or for mixtures with colors that don’t match.
  • Avoiding certain flowers because of superstitions.
  • Leaving flowers as a last minute purchase.
  • Believing that all bouquets that include different variations of flowers are too expensive.

Brides need to understand that when they choose a full wedding package (from flowers to candles) from a single florist, the cost will drop quite heavily and the service included can easily be controlled.

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