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Wedding days have to go perfectly. If not, chances are the bride is going to have a heart attack. Are you sure we are over reacting? Think about all the ladies out there who have dreamed of this day since they could first walk and started picking out the mother’s closet for fancy shoes and dresses. While everything is planned and set in place, there is one thing that you can’t really control on your wedding day: the weather.

We’re used to rely on the good old weather forecast, but weather is quite moody and can change completely from one moment to another. Besides, you can’t predict weather 6 months in advance or whenever you decide on your wedding date. Just pick the month when weather has been mostly sunny and dry, depending on the location you live in. And if you decide on an outdoor wedding, you’ll need to take weather into consideration and prepare for even the most unexpected of quick showers.

Rainy wedding day
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A backup location can’t hurt. It’s true that this may require some additional planning and expenses. So, if you can’t afford this option, go for a tent. This way, you can have the outdoor wedding that you’ve always wanted and, even if it rains, you don’t have to worry about food, decorations and guests getting all soaked up. Not to mention your wedding dress and makeup – that is truly one of the worst wedding nightmares.

If tents are not an option, maybe you can go for some huge umbrellas or decorative canopies. Not only will your guests be safe from rain, but you also have an additional item that you can decorate to your liking.

Always stay optimistic and be prepared. Umbrellas can be handed out to make sure your guests stay dry between the location of the ceremony and that of the reception. If you personalize the umbrellas, they make an excellent wedding favor and they don’t even cost that much to make. It’s time to show that you are a creative bride. After all, how many weddings have you attended or heard of that give away umbrellas as wedding favors?

But, overall, a rainy wedding is not the worst thing that could happen. First of all, it gives you the chance to serve some delicious hot beverages that are simply out of the question when the sun is just burning. Go for something as tasty as dark or white hot chocolate, tea in different flavors or even coffee.

Second, rainy days can provide an awesome setting for some pretty amazing wedding photos. While you shouldn’t try to convince your grandmother and uncle Joe to stand in the rain to take some family photos, your spouse and bridal party will love to be part of such a funny and refreshing photo shoot.

Just remember to bring an extra pair of shoes, preferably something that is water-resistant. Perhaps even some colorful rain boots? Also, make sure your make-up is waterproof. And bring a hair dryer in your emergency wedding day kit.

Oh, and did I mention that rains on a wedding day are a sign of good luck?

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