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Reaching your fitness goals while also enjoying the beautiful summer weather is possible through outdoor bootcamp workouts. While this doesn’t exactly sound like a fun time, you and your friends can tailor a program to your liking. This allows you to enjoy your friend’s company while also making fun and intense workout to reach your goals.


Each boot camp includes a different version of workouts, which can easily be swapped out for intermediate or beginners. On top of that, you can choose the type of cardio workouts and how long you want to perform each one. Just remember, it’s best to work as a group when doing your boot camp program.

Basic Warm-up Routine

You’re going to be doing a lot of physical activity in this boot camp, so make sure to warm up first. Start with stretches and get all of your limbs ready and in action. This can help prevent injuries and reduce the risk of spraining or pulling a muscle while doing the activities.

After stretching, you should perform this warmup workout routine, as it will get your heart rate raised and put you in a fat-burning mode. The warmup is as follows, just do as much as you can within 30 seconds for each exercise:

  • Jumping jacks
  • High knees
  • Spider steps
  • Pushups
  • Butt kicks
  • Quick five- to 10-minute jog

After your warmup is completed, you can take a break for one whole minute before starting the actual program. Keep note that alternating different muscle groups can help you keep your pace. You won’t get worn out and will be able to work out for extended periods. Plus, it gives each muscle group time to relax and recover.

Outdoor Bootcamp Workouts

We’ve crafted a quick 20-minute workout program below that you can do outdoors. Every minute or two, you will be changing up what you’re doing, so it’s essential to have someone demonstrating the moves or teach everyone beforehand.

None of the exercises are challenging, but feel free to change them to intermediate levels.

1st Minute: Jumping Jacks

Start by doing jumping jacks continuously for 60 seconds. These do not have to be done at a quick pace, but rather, a moderate pace. You want to go slow enough so that you don’t burn out within the first couple of seconds.

2nd Minute: Planks

The first workout used mainly your legs and arms, but now we’re switching to doing planks, which target your core. Attempt to hold the plank position for at least 60 seconds.

If you find yourself struggling, stop at 25 seconds and allow a 10-second pause before finishing the extra 25 seconds.

3rd Minute: Mountain Climbers

The next step is to do as many mountain climbers as you can in the short minute burst. The faster, the better. This helps elevate your heart rate while also giving your arms a break from the last workout.

4th Minute: Squat Jumps

Now, we’re moving back to the lower body with squat jumps. To do this, simply squat and then jump. These don’t have to be extremely fast, as long as you continue to do it for one minute.

5th Minute: High Knees or Marching

High knees work the glutes, leg muscles, and the lower core. Be sure to keep a straight back and maintain proper form.

6th Minute: Rest Time

For this next step, allow yourself a full minute of rest. Take note of your breathing and feel your muscles getting worked out.

7th Minute: Burpees

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to do a burpee:

8th Minute: Squats

For this minute, you should be doing as many squats as possible in this set. For intermediate, you can do squats quickly, which will cause more burn.

9th Minute: Right Side Plank

Put weight on the right side of your body and hold the plank with your left arm straight in the air. You will be putting all the pressure on your feet and right arm while facing horizontal to the ground.

10th Minute: Reverse Lunges

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to perform a reverse lunge:

11th Minute: Left Side Plank

A left-side plank is just like a right side plank, except you’re switching to use your left side.

12th Minute: Pushups

These are your typical pushups, but don’t go too fast. Instead, slowly push up from the ground and slowly come back down. This will help isolate your muscles and test your endurance.

13th Minute: Lunges

Now moving from pushups, it’s time to switch back to the lower body and perform lunges. However, these will not be in reverse but are your basic lunges.

14th Minute: Burpees Again

Refer to the video we’ve shared earlier on how to perform burpees correctly. While you do so, make sure that you are focused on your breathing.

15th Minute: Rest

Again, reward yourself with a full 60 seconds of rest.

16th Minute: Butt Lifts

Butt lifts are where you’re down on all four limbs. Then, tighten your glutes and push back one leg at a time, kicking as high as possible. Slowly bring it back down, switch legs, and repeat.

17th Minute: V-Sit

A V-sit is where you’ll be sitting down on your butt and then be raising your legs at a tilt. You’ll then want to straighten out your back and arms until your body makes a “V” shape. From there, move your legs up and down and try to hold that position.

18th Minute: Russian Twist

A Russian twist is where, instead of moving into a V formation, you’re going to tuck your hands to your shoulders and twist your upper body left and right.

19th Minute: Tabletop Leg Reach

Here’s an excellent method for doing a leg reach:

20th Minute: Downward Dog

The last exercise you will be doing is a downward-facing dog. This is where your hands and legs are on the ground. However, your body forms an upside-down “V” shape before pushing your butt to your legs. This will help you stretch your muscles and body, cooling you down from your workout.


The above routine is just one example of an outdoor boot camp exercise. You can tailor or change up the different exercises to make one that suits your workout style.

Just remember, the most crucial factor is that you aren’t overdoing yourself. Always switch up from working one muscle group to another, as this will keep you going and won’t wear down your stamina. Hopefully, we’ve helped you learn some outdoor bootcamp workouts.

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