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Wedding centerpieces are one of the many elements that will draw the attention of your guests. Most couples like to opt for floral centerpieces mostly because it’s a tradition easy to follow and won’t imply that many headaches.

Non-floral centerpieces are, however, a better idea. First of all, because they are original. They take imagination to a whole new level and the possibilities are practically endless. Second, they are easy to match with the wedding theme. Nothing spells out “beach wedding” like a transparent bowl of carefully arranged sand, shells and blue candles. Third, the guests will love these centerpieces so much, they will be practically begging to take them home. And that’s a good thing!

Beach wedding centerpiece
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1. Ceramic centerpieces

This is a beautiful and inexpensive choice for a non floral wedding centerpiece. If you opt for ceramic bowls, they can be filled with fruit, candy or cupcakes.

2. Candle centerpieces

There is something about wedding and candles that gives us a romantic tingle and makes us feel that the wedding we’re attending is really all about love.

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Candles wedding centerpiece

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3. Fruit centerpieces

Who doesn’t enjoy a fresh apple or maybe some ripe white grapes? Fruit centerpieces can be edible or not, the point is that they give this fresh and modern look to your entire wedding table. And please don’t even think about plastic fruits…that’s a no NO, ok?

Orange wedding centerpiece
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4. Candy centerpieces

Trust me when I say that kids won’t be the only fans of such a centerpiece. Even those who don’t have a sweet craving will love an arrangement that combines vivid colors and a candy treat.

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5. Sparkling centerpieces

Whether you opt for a golden or silverlish look, sparkling wedding centerpieces will inspire elegance and good taste, as long as you combine the right elements. Did I mention they go even better with a winter wedding?

Crystal tree centerpiece
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6. Lace centerpieces

Even if your bridal gown is laced or not, lace wedding centerpieces are a wonderful combination of vintage and elegance, with a touch of innocence. Opting for white lace will make it easier to match with whatever other colors are around the wedding venue.

Lace candle
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Wedding candle lace rustic sleeves
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