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Hands up if you want your wedding cake to tell your love story! Cake projection mapping seems to be the upcoming trend in modern weddings, and Disney is the first company that promises to deliver a fairy-tale experience straight to your wedding venue. Actually, their wedding venue, as it’s currently available only at Walt Disney World

After four years of work, this project has been launched last month, at Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings Expo. Here’s everything you need to know about Disney’s wedding cake projection mapping:

Wedding cake video projection by Disney 2

Wedding cake video projection by Disney

First of all, what is video mapping? To quote from Wikipedia, it’s a projection technology used to turn objects, often irregulary shaped, into a display surface for video projection, usually combined with audio.

So that means that while the cake is still edible, it will also act as a projection screen for the mapping. The images are customizable and, if you don’t have any particular obsessions for a Disney character, then you can opt for a slideshow with some personal images or a home made video. You can choose any animation that you want projected on the cake. And yes, quotes from your favorite love poems can be included.

We salute this Disney initiative of integrating modern day technology with weddings, so we are just thrilled with this new idea.

And now for the cons: the cake has to be covered in black fondant, so it won’t look very impressive once the projector is off.

Also, not every couple can afford the new extravaganza… this cake is only available in a package for weddings taking place at Walt Disney World, with a starting price of $12.000. Is it worth the price?

Take a look at the video below which explains pretty much what you’ll be getting. If the images and details explained above haven’t already convinced you, that is!


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