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You have to hand it to Facebook: when it comes to collecting some personal information, they do a better job than the police. Facebook has insight on some really cool data, including the top honeymoon destinations preferred by newlyweds in and outside the US.

So where do couples prefer to go in 2014? The Facebook Data Team created a detailed graph based on couples on Facebook who both posted a marriage event this year and then, within two weeks, checked into a location more than 20 miles from their homes.

It seems that Las Vegas is one of the favorite honeymoon destinations for the couples outside US, while 19% of all US newlyweds have decided to cross the borders and take an international trip. South Korea takes the first place in the “greatest distance travelled for a honeymoon” chart, their trip having an average 4.000 miles away from home.

Lahaina - Maui - Hawaii 2

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Lahaina (Maui, Hawaii) – the most popular honeymoon destination for US couples

The favorite honeymoon destinations for US couples is Lahaina, in Maui – Hawaii. The previous name of this location was “Lele”, which can be translated into “relentless sun”. This was actually an historic town, the former capital of Hawaii, and now turned into one of the most exquisite honeymoon destinations ever.

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What to do:

Thanks to the oceanfront setting and the warm and sunny climate, Lahaina is the perfect place to try out new culinary experiences, to take part in some authentic luaus (traditional Hawaiian parties) and to catch a glimpse of the local culture.

Remember to visit the Ulalena show taking place at the Maui Theater, which is the perfect immersion of Hawaiian culture, all featured in a great Broadway-like experience.

Yes, whale watching tours are also a must for all those visiting Lahaina.

If you are a water lover, then you simply must consider Lahaina as your honeymoon destination. There are tons of water-related activities that you can engage in and they will provide tons of fun for you and your spouse. The beaches here are simply breathtaking, whether you want to take a sunbath or a romantic walk in the evening. You can go scuba diving, sailing, snorkeling or surfing. You can visit famous beaches like Ka‘anapali Beach, D. T. Fleming Beach Park, Kapalua Beach, Launiupoko Beach Park, Napili Bay or Puamana Beach County Park.

Lahaina - Maui - Hawaii

How to get there:

When you are visiting Lahaina, the most comfortable way to travel is by booking a flight to the Kahului Airport in Maui. From that point, you can rent a car to travel to Lahaina, as it only takes 40 minutes. Take the Honoapiilani Highway if you want to enjoy some beautiful scenery along the way. West Maui Airport is a bit closer to Lahaina and will save you about 20 minutes of extra-driving.

You can also get there by boat, if you have reserved your spot in one of the cruise ships that anchor near Lahaina.

When you arrive, the car is no longer a necessity. Since Lahaina is pretty compact, all locations are quite close to one another, so you can enjoy great walks.

When to go:

The weather in Lahaina is great all year-round – there’s much less rain than in other areas of Maui. The best time to visit, but also the busiest and most expensive, is between January and April. For more informations on this topic (temperatures, humidity, hurricanes season etc), read here.

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Maui - Hawaii

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