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There’s nothing more inspiring than a house styled with the mid-century furniture trends in mind.

Imagine lounging on the stylish sofa with a steamy cup of coffee and turning the pages of the classic book ‘Mid Century Modern: Furniture of the 1950s’ by the gifted author Cara Greenberg. And suddenly the bell rings and you look around to find a space to put down your cup.

Oops! Did you forget something?

All that you now need to complete the transformation of your living room and wow everyone is an essential piece of furniture: a mid-century modern coffee table.

Mid-Century Modern Living Room

You must have heard renowned interior designers talk about mid-century modern style. And, the book that you were just reading in your imagination was the one that first coined the term “mid-century modern” or MCM. It is a term used for the designs that bedazzled homeowners and designers during the period that started from the 1930s to the 1960s.

Qualities of Mid-Century Modern Furniture

Mid-century modern furniture is famous for a number of characteristics. Among its various sought after qualities some are as follows:

  • The furniture is an expression of “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”
  • The furniture an epitome of craftsmanship.
  • The furniture predominantly makes use of wood in its natural, beautiful texture.
  • The furniture is loved for its tapered legs and the “floating” effect.
  • Materials like vinyl, wood, plywood, plastic, and glass were combined and experimented with.
  • The designers played with vibrant, bold colors and modern, trendy prints.

Finding the Best Mid-Century Modern Coffee Table: Our Top Picks

Here are our top ideas for the perfect mid-century modern coffee table:

Noguchi Style Table

Noguchi Style Table

A Noguchi Style Table is one of the classiest tables you could get for your living room.

Its triangular organic glass top is a tribute to the classical era. The base has a complex and stunning sculpted wooden frame. This mid-century modern coffee table is inspired by the original design by Isamu Noguchi and is named after him.

The thick glass top makes the table sturdy and durable without giving it a bulky look. The top is placed upon two interlocked curved wooden legs. The legs can be designed in cherry, white ash, black, and walnut for a rustic, earthy look. It looks sophisticated and exhibits class.

Mid-Century Modern Oval Coffee Table with Bronze Top

Mid-Century Modern Oval Coffee Table with Bronze Top

This coffee table is designed with a solid oval bronze top placed over a curved, grill base.

The metal alloy gives it the shiny finished look.

This table is not only ready to face the test of time but is ideal if you’re renovating your living room on a budget.

Nordic Style Coffee Table

Nordic Style Coffee Table

This simple and stylish solid wooden table can grace a living space without being too loud. This coffee table is the one for those who love minimalism.

A simple rectangular arc top and the splayed legs are a testament to its inspirations from the mid-century.

This table can be crafted in different sizes to fit the dimensions of your room.

Semisfera Coffee Table

Semisfera Coffee Table

Handcrafted in solid wood, this mid-century modern coffee table has an earthy and warm look.

Designed in semi-spherical shape and smooth, flat top, this coffee table can be a great addition to your modern apartment.

You can add house plants in the same room to complete the appearance. The natural texture of the peroba wood is sealed with a clear lacquer to make it easy to clean and moisture-proof.

Mag Table

Mag Table

If there’s one thing that belongs to a modern apartment, it’s the multi-purpose mag table.

This mid-century modern coffee table can be a great centerpiece for your lounge or can serve as a handy wooden stool.

Store your files and magazines in the elbow and you shouldn’t worry about spilling any coffee on them while you drink.

It is made up of a continuous sheet of molded plywood and is thus called a bentwood table. It is inexpensive, durable, and maintenance-free.

Mid-Century Modern Lift Top Coffee Table

Mid-Century Modern Lift Top Coffee Table

If you are a diehard fan of lift top coffee tables like us, you’ll love this mid-century modern lift top coffee table.

Designed in wood, this streamlined lift-top table is classy in every sense of the word. With clear-cut, neat rectangular silhouette stands on top of four narrow but robust wooden legs.

The lower shelves are ideal storage spaces for your books and magazines. Simply lift the top and you have a hidden space to keep that “not-so-pretty” stuff hidden underneath.

The open shelf can house your TV remote, coasters, and other accessories.

Mid-Century Modern Kidney Table

Mid-Century Modern Kidney Table

This coffee table is a modern take on mid-century tables. With a kidney-shaped top made up of plywood and three metal hairpin legs, this kidney table is very trendy.

The top resembles an artist’s palette and is available in a variety of different colors.

If you want to add the much-needed pop to the living room and play with some colors, place this coffee table in the center. Also, this would look great if you have heavier, larger sofas in your room.

We hope our chosen designs would inspire the designer within you and you’ll pick the most exquisite mid-century coffee table to take the center stage!

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