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If you are looking for a wedding gift for a newly married couple, you want to give them something unique that will make them laugh when they open it. After all, what is the point of giving them a conventional gift that will blend in with the rest of the gifts?

You want your gift to put a smile on the faces of the bride and groom and let out a laughter. There are several types of hilarious wedding gifts that you can give the couple. Here is a list of funny wedding gifts that you can consider giving them:

1. Seal Stamp Maker Kit

Be the guest that brings back handwritten ‘thank you’ notes. You can buy a seal stamp kit maker for them. Select the couple’s letter and gift it to them. Before you know it, they will be writing handwritten thank you notes, so they can stamp them. Since they will be placing an old-fashioned monogram on the handwritten notes, you can also give them old-fashioned paper to write the thank you notes on, just to be in line with the theme.

2. Fake Trophy Moose Wall Hanging

When all the wedding festivities, including the honeymoon is over, the couple can begin to assemble your gift — a fake trophy moose wall hanging. You can probably find similar types of fake trophies that you have to build yourself to hang up on the wall.

The bride and groom will read the detailed instructions to build their moose trophy. Who knows? It could be their first ever project as a couple together. A precious memory that they would cherish forever and remember each time when they look at the fake trophy moose wall hanging.

3. Magic Harry Potter Wand Remote

If you know the couple personally and know that one or both are diehard Potterheads, you should give them this magic Harry Potter wand remote. Who would not want a remote that allows them to control the TV, and that too, from the wand? The wand has 13 functions, allowing you to change the channel, turn the volume up, turn it down, and more. The couple can even pretend to be a wizard and witch and pretend to cast a spell while they are changing the channel or whenever they use a function of the wand remote.

4. Couple Personalized Cookie Jar

Do you know what type of gift does not end up in the trash, given away, or forgotten? A personalized gift, and you can give the sweet couple a sweet gift — a personalized cookie jar. They can keep cookies or something else in the jar and each time they open the lid to reach for another cookie, you would come to their mind.

5. Heart-Shaped Measuring Spoons

If the bride or groom or both of them love to bake, you can give them heart-shaped measuring spoons. Even if neither of them loves to bake, heart-shaped measuring spoons are still a good idea. Simply because they are cute. These measuring spoons come in various sizes as well. They can hang these cute measuring spoons, or you may just trigger the baker in them.

6. Cup Holder for Road Trips

Even if the couple is not going on a road trip after the wedding does not mean that they will never go on a road trip in the future. This unique cup holder is not actually for holding cups, so do not be fooled by its name, but it is actually a power station that you can place in the cup holder of your car.

When you are on a road trip, you will never have to worry about your phone dying and you not having a charger. You do not have to go on a road trip to use this charger, but this can be your charger to charge your phone each time you are on the road, even if briefly.

7. Confetti Margarita Glass Set

Since it is such a joyous moment for the bride and groom, they may be compelled to celebrate it once again with a glass of wine or champagne when they open up your gift to reveal beautifully-decorated confetti margarita glasses. If you want, you can also give them a bottle of champagne along with it, but we think these glasses alone make such a wonderful gift for a newlywed couple.

8. Monogram Bath Towel Set

Another personalized wedding gift you can give to the couple. However, you do not have to add their initials on the bath towel set since you want it to be a funny gift. Instead, you can get a funny saying placed on them.

If you are a close friend or family member, you can have their nicknames embroidered on them. You can even select the color of thread that you want the vendor to use to monogram the saying or letters on the towel. We do not think the towels will be used, but will be used to decorate the bathroom in some way.

9. DIY a Funny Wedding Gift

If you are the creative sort, you can create a fun wedding gift for them. You will find a chock full of ideas all over the internet for inspiration. A DIY wedding gift is another great way from them to remember and it also shows the effort you made to create it.

If you have an idea already and want to improve on it, you can find a lot of resources and tips online that you can use to help you create the type of funny wedding gift that you have brainstormed in your head.

Did any of the funny wedding gifts on this list strike you as something you could possibly consider giving to the couple whose wedding you will be attending soon? If you said yes, know that these gifts are available in various online stores. You can perform a quick search for them and order them for the couple. Have fun making them laugh and smile.

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