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Ladies, we have something juicy to teach you today! Gabriela, handmade jeweler, was kind enough to share one of her tutorials on how to make your own wedding brooch bouquet. We’d love it if you shared this article, I really thing Gabriela deserves a round of applause for her talent. Here we go!

Have you decided what kind of flowers to choose for your wedding bouquet? Are you having a vintage wedding? Then what about a brooch bouquet?

I would like to share with you an easy way, how to make your very own brooch bouquet.

What you will need:

  • Polystyrene ball, you can find it in any craft shop
  • handle, you can use a cling film roll after it has finished(we all have it in our kitchen)
  • lace ribbon or fabric flowers (or both)
  • brooch
  • hair pins
  • a piece of chiffon, bid enough to cover our polystyrene ball with a little extra to be able to fix it to it
  • silk ribbon, to cover the handle
  • glue
  • scissors


Bouquet supply

You can make your own lace flowers. I am using them because not just they look beautiful, but it’s easy to pin them to the ball.

Here is how you make them:

  • You need to cut off 10x the width of your lace ribbon for each piece of flower. In same size stitches work through one side of the textile, then tie the two ends to each other. Use big enough stitches, as this will give a lovely depth to your flower. It will look something like a picture shown below. You can use different width of ribbon, to make different size of flowers.LaceFlower

Let’s go to make the actual bouquet:

I am using a 15cm diameter ball, you can buy a bigger or smaller one, it’s up to you.

First you will need to fix the handle to the ball. The polystyrene is soft enough, so you can push it in without a problem. Make sure that you push it in straight also glue it to the ball for a better hold. You can shorten the handle, if you find it too long.


  1. Use your chiffon square to cover the ball, make sure there is enough to fix it to the handle with a thin ribbon. Then start to pin your lace flowers to it starting from the very top. If you are using a ready-made flower then glue it to the chiffon.
  2. Cover the whole piece with flowers. Arrange them as you wish.
  3. Cover the end of the handle with a piece of ribbon or lace. Don’t worry if it isn’t even, you won’t see it at the end.
  4. Now you can start to cover the whole handle with a silk ribbon, covering the piece of chiffon that is over, then covering each layer of ribbon partially with a next one. You only need to glue it to the handle at the beginning and at the end.

TIP:  If you are using only ready-made flowers, make sure that you fix the chiffon to the ball with the hair pins on few places for a better hold.

If you know how to make a crochet flower, you can use (make) them. You will be able to pin it to the ball easily just like in a case of a lace flower.

Now you can pin the brooches to the flower. You can adorn the handle with a different color ribbon, beads ribbon…

Here is my version of it, as you can see I made a neutral bouquet, you can choose any color ribbon, flower to work with:


Enjoy! Hope you are having a great creative time with it!

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