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When it comes to full-size multi-tools, the Leatherman Charge TTi is the Portland-based manufacturer’s flagship. Combining two other models, the AL and ALX, the Charge TTi replaces another popular Leatherman model, the XTi, and it comes with 19 different tools and several very handy features. The multi-tool is recommended for home use or for camping and since we’re interested in traveling, we’ll focus on the second part and see if it’s worth it from the hiker’s point of view (I’m assuming that’s where you’ll use it, since getting it through an airport security check might not be the best idea).

Leatherman Charge TTi Review

So, first of all, let’s take a look at these product’s features. Like I said earlier, the Leatherman Charge TTi comes with 19 tools. Some of these won’t be very handy during hikes or camping, but you might need them at one point at home: Ruler (8 inch/19 cm), Bottle Opener, Wire Stripper, Diamond-coated file, Large Bit Driver or Small Bit Driver. But other features will definitely come in handy at some point, whether you need to open a can, cut food or anything else, fix something (like your tent), cut or carve some wood and so on. These features include: S30V Knife, 420HC Serrated Knife, Cutting Hook, Saw, Spring-action Scissors, Wood/Metal file, Medium Screwdriver, Can Opener, Needlenose Pliers, Regular Pliers, Wire Cutters, Hard-wire Cutters, Crimper. The S30V knife is an upgrade from the one used on the XTi (the company’s previous flagship product) and its blade longer than most multi-tools available today.

Leatherman Charge TTiThe Leatherman Charge TTi is made from high-quality stainless steel with several bronze elements (like the bushings) and with titanium handles (which is lighter and more durable than stainless steel). Besides these, the multi-tool also comes with several accessories like a quick-release lanyard ring, removable pocket clip and 8 double ended drill and screw bits. There are also two options regarding the sheath, leather or nylon, the first one being $6 cheaper. Which one to choose? Well, most people that bought the leather sheath version complained about the case and recommended the nylon one. If you didn’t get the chance to “play” with one of these things, you’ll see that it’s a little too large to carry it in your pocket, so the sheath or the removable pocket clip are great features for carrying it around comfortably.

And these are the features included in the package, because there are also plenty of accessories available if you’re willing to spend $20 or $30 more on stuff like 40-bit assortment or bit driver extension.

What are people saying about it

The Charge TTi is a very popular product so finding people talking about it is not hard at all. Just looking at the average rating of reviews gives you an idea of the product’s quality. For example, let’s look at Amazon. As I’m writing this review, out of 112 ratings for the Nylon sheath version, 79 are 5-star (maximum) and 19 are 4-star and there are less than 10 ratings under 2 stars (these usually are about shipping and delivery issues).

“The Charge TTi drew me in with the titanium, then won my heart with it’s locking mechanisms. I’ve had mine for around three years now and it’s never had a thing wrong with it. During this time I only clean and oil it every two months, which usually isn’t necessary because it stays so smooth that it could probably go around four or five months without cleaning when doing normal work.”
Tony, Maine, USA
“Leathermans on several occasions. Anything from cutting fruit and food packaging while stopping for lunch; to taking out splinters or cutting zip ties. We even had to fix a pair of eyeglasses once. There are just so many reasons to have your Leatherman with you.”
Daniel, Knoxville, Tennesse

What’s also interesting about this is that according to many, Leatherman is great with feedback and support in case something goes wrong with your product. To be honest, I never used any of their products, but I really like what I read:

“I recently wrote Leatherman asking if I could get the sheath model that came with this knife (I was on my second and they pulled it from the market!). I explained how I loved this sheath and that with daily wear, the nylon is bound to fail eventually. I begged them to send an intern into the warehouse and closets to find a spare or two and I would gladly buy them. Instead, they sent me a 25th Anniversary edition sheath in the same style (with gray nylon) and a couple of bumper stickers! Never asked for a cent. Now, clearly your mileage may vary, but I’m utterly blown away by that sort of customer service in this day and age for a retail product.”

Where to get the best price

I have searched several online retailers recommended by Leatherman, but nothing compares to Amazon when it comes to the best deals. Right now there’s a great offer with a $40 discount and you can buy the Leatherman Charge TTi for just $113 (with leather sheath) or $119 (with nylon sheath). I compared this offer with other specialty stores like Cabela’s or KnifeCenter, but over there the product retails for at least $150, so right now this is the best you can get.

How about you? Have you owned any Leatherman products in the past? Did you get the new Charge TTi? If so, please let us know in the comments section below or just drop us an email, we’d really appreciate your opinion too.

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