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To every bride, the wedding day is probably the most special event of her life. Unfortunately, with great events comes great responsibility and, inevitably, tons of stress.

First of all, brides feel the pressure of having to look their best. Being the center of attention is not as easy as it seems. This is the day when a woman reaches the climax of her feminism and is allowed to pamper herself up as much as she can.

High expectations don’t always lead to happiness.

As weird as it may seem, the less expectations you have from this day, the more you will actually be able to enjoy yourself. This means that you should be careful not to stain your wedding dress, but if that happens, don’t stress over it too much.

If you feel that emotions are taking over, don’t worry: it’s perfectly normal. Another important thing to remember is that the wedding day is not really the responsibility of a single person. It’s a complex sum of several responsibilities of several people, like yourself, your wedding party, your officiant, the vendors you work with, the photographer, etc. If you are not willing to accept imperfection, chance, risk or mistakes, you will have at least 1 hour of suffering on your wedding day.


Always try to create a win-win situation, even on your wedding day. You need to establish 2 gains: one if something goes well and the other, of something goes bad. In order to do this, you need to be a flexible person. For example: what happens if it rains on your wedding day. If it’s sunny: you win (I’m not going to state the obvious reasons why). And if it’s rainy, you win again: because rain is a great element to add to your wedding photos and an opportunity to add even more color to the happiest day of your life with some really pastel umbrellas. So, who loses here? You got it: no one!

Remember to never use words inside your head that could only make a bad thing, worse. When you feel something is not going your way on your wedding day, step aside, take a deep breath, see how that makes you feel, what’s your instinctual reaction, what’s your secondary reaction and see if the problem could be solved by someone else.

Why do brides cry?

As a woman, you most likely know what it feels like when someone or something messes with one of your well-established plans. When it comes to a wedding, there are so many variables that may change: napkins may have a different color then your whole wedding décor or rain might “ruin” your wedding photo shoot. Such unpleasant surprises often lead to frustrations that are just ready to explode. Psychologists say that birthdays or wedding are important in the life of every man or woman, so everyone in the situations is trying to obtain the maximum amount of love and attention that they can possibly get. If we are concerned about not getting love and appreciation on our wedding day, our mind will learn to trigger mechanisms that will sooth us and confirm some lessons we’ve learned in the past.

When a person is feeling really under the weather and shows signs of anger and every cries, the others will inevitably be more sympathetic, and thus lower their expectations. Even more, some of your guests or people from your wedding party may start feeling guilty for what happened, which leads to complexes of inferiority. These mechanisms are not really that intelligent. They kind of remind you of a childhood behavior, when you would cry if things didn’t really go your way and adults would do their best to cheer you up. This is not exactly the adult way to handle a crisis when you’re all grown up.

Weddings are eventually forgotten.

This is both good news and bad news. If people do remember your wedding 10 years from now, you’ve probably accomplished something that not many couples can. If something goes bad, maybe oblivion is not the worst case scenario.

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