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As a guest, dressing up for a wedding may be the ultimate challenge. You need good taste. You need to match accessories with the dress. You need to be sexy, yet elegant. Since we are always here to help, here are some tips on what you should never do as far as wedding clothing is concerned.

1. Don’t wear white. It is believed to bring bad luck to wear the same color as the bride. Tradition says that you’ll be stealing away her happiness in marriage. Also stay away from butter-white, ivory or cream, except for the situations where you know for a fact that the bride has chosen a more unconventional color for her dress, something other than white.

2. Don’t fall for black. Black inspires elegance, but it is also a sober color which is not generally associated with the happiness of a wedding day. Instead, you can choose a vivid color or go for something sexy, as intense red or deep blue.

3. Don’t show too much skin. Bold cleavages, side cuts and other such details that reveal too much skin will put you in the center of attention… and that’s not necessarily a positive thing. Try to choose something in between. If you do choose a backless dress, remember that you shouldn’t reveal your bra. It’s embarrassing and tasteless. Nor should you be flashing your underwear.

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4. Avoid “prom” dresses. You may be mistaken for one of the bridesmaids.

5. And since we’re covering the bridesmaids subject: always ask what the bridesmaids are wearing. If you are not in the wedding party, it would be a bit weird to be mistaken for one of the girls, so make sure to avoid such unpleasant situations by inquiring on the attire of the bridesmaids.

6. Don’t wear club outfits. If you have a dress that you would wear on a night out with the girls, that dress is most likely not suitable to be worn at a wedding. Don’t go for short and tight dresses, don’t choose anything transparent – these clothing items have nothing to do with decent wedding attire.

7. Don’t be afraid of delicate prints. Of course, wearing a dress with animal imprints is something of bad taste as far as weddings are concerned, but a floral dress isn’t.

8. Tiaras are not wedding accessories. Unless you are the bride, in which case it’s perfectly acceptable. But trying to match whatever special accessories the bride is wearing is never a good idea. She is the princess of the day, not you.

9. Yes, we have to say this, cause we’ve seen it happening: Never dress casual. Not even if the bride is your best friend or you used to play tennis with the groom. T-shirts, flip-flops, leather jackets or jeans are not acceptable at a wedding.

10. Don’t wear pantsuits. This is not just another meeting at the office and even if you look amazing in such an outfit, weddings are about elegance and nothing screams elegance more than a dress.

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