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There are only a couple of days left before the end of the Tranzend Kickstarter campaign.

The inspiration for the product was given by London’s rainy climate, where combining fashion with weather protection has become quite the challenge. Tranzend promises to deliver a man’s outfit that can meet the demanding standards of London’s life, thanks to its 2 piece suit. The suit they’ve created seems to have all the qualities you could possibly need from your clothing: it’s UV protected, anti-stain, ultra-stretchable, anti-odor, breathable, wrinkle free and waterproof.

Tranzend Waterproof Suit Kickstarter

Since they take pride in producing an eco-friendly suit, the people over Tranzend used a cutting-edge fabric which is a combination of recycled plastic bottles and coffee grounds.

Here are some of the features of the Tranzend suit:

  • The hood can be folded into a small separate bag, making it easy to store away.
  • The front pocket feature quality seams, so that you can keep your valuables secure.
  • The waterproof fabric remains at 70% water resistance even after 20 machine washes.
  • The wrinkle free feature means that you don’t have to worry about ironing the suit. Fiber tension is relaxed thanks to your body heat.
  • The yarns are combined with 400 nanometers of refined coffee ground, so that it can absorb your body odor.
  • The material is super-stretchable and it can expand more than 80% and still recover 100%.

As they have previously stated, Tranzend’s goal is to offer waterproof, stretchable, yet 100% breathable shirts, trench coats, jackets and other functional ready-to-wear items. Having spent 3 years on research & development, the company has already designed and developed 2 full collections.

Sadly, they have only reached about 25% of their goal so far, so chances are the suit will need to find its funding somewhere else. If you want to support Tranzend or just learn more about this waterproof suit, visit their Kickstarter page.

Source: Digital Journal

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