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Today we have a pretty amazing interview with Sherry from CocoMelody, a company selling some of the most beautiful and affordable wedding dresses you’ve ever seen. Sherry has some pretty awesome advice for all the future brides out there, including how to choose the wedding dress that its your body shape and which are the top 8 wedding dress trends for this year.

Question: Before we get into anything else, tell us a little bit about CocoMelody as a company and the people behind it.

Answer: CocoMelody has over 15 years of expertise and knowledge in the bridal profession. We have our own specialized dress-making workshop and every designer here has abundant tailor-made experience. Not only that, handmade workers will carefully sew every beading or sequin stitch by stitch. We also have experienced product buyers to handpick every fabric so that customers don’t need to worry about itchy problems. Moreover, careful QC technicians will strictly check every finished dress. Surely, considerate customer service staffs on our website cannot be ignored. They will give customers valuable suggestions and help them look for the ideal dress. The aim of CocoMelody is to satisfy whatever ladies need and try to realize their dream!

Q: How is it that this business was born? Why wedding dresses?

A: The founder, Miranda, used to be a freelancer. And traveling around the world is her favorite hobby. During trips, she made friends with those of the same interest, like dress designers, photographers, wedding planners, etc. To work together with these talented friends is Miranda’s ultimate dream.

One day, a bride-to-be friend talked with Miranda about the wedding’s expenses. She wanted to purchase her dreamy bridal gown but the budget was limited. Hearing this, Miranda felt sad that she was unable to help her. Later, she made a research in the bridal field and the result was astonishing. Most online stores offer cheap yet low-quality wedding dresses while high-quality pieces from top brands in bridal boutiques are rather expensive.

Miranda would like to make some changes and satisfy every bride’s needs so she decided to start her own bridal company, providing ladies with gowns in their dreams, not only of high quality, but also at affordable price.

This is CocoMelody, founded on the simple idea to make every dress-shopper happy, and whatever their budget might be.

Q: Tell us, why would a bride shop for her dress online instead of choosing the traditional offline method? What are the advantages?

A: Shopping for dress online brings much convenience. This way makes all of brides benefit from instantly comparing price and features of the same dress. There are more styles and colors available online than in traditional offline shops. Some online dress shops, like CocoMelody, also offer personalized customization. Customers can send their favorite pictures to us for customization or we will customize based on their requirements and different figures. Online stores tightly follow fashion trends and each year they will release new collection of the latest and popular dress designs.

Q: Let’s assume that a bride is looking for wedding dresses online and comes across CocoMelody. Can you guide us through the process that she has to follow to order a dress that she likes?
A: You can view by category and then narrow the search by price, size in stock, back details, color, embellishments, fabric, train, neckline, season, silhouette, sleeve length and waist to get the design of your dreams. Mouse over for back view.

When you click on a specific item, you will be directed to a page that allows you to select Production Time, Color, Size and Quantity. You can click on the COLOR/SIZE CHARTS and MEASURING GUIDE buttons. There is a big variety of color choices waiting for you. And by selecting “Custom Made”, your dress will be personally tailored to your exact measurements. Mouse over the picture to zoom in.

Next, register and enter your shipping address. Before finalizing your order, the Shipping method/cost, Payment method (Amazon Payments, Credit Card, Paypal or Bank Transfer) and Details of the order will be displayed. In addition, Online Customer Service can be reached at: Service@cocomelody.com for other queries or feel free to chat with those friendly customer service staffs.

Q: From your experience, what do brides focus on the most when choosing their wedding outfit?
A: As far as I’m concerned, they will focus on the style, quality and price most. Every lady wants to be the most special bride on the big day and are eager to stun all the wedding guests. So surely they will spend much time looking for a unique style. And celebrities’ wedding gowns or styles from the latest fashion shows are all their source of inspiration. Not only, they will also pay much attention to the quality and price. Different brides have distinctive budgets, but I think everyone prefers a dress of good quality and also at competitive price.

Q: What do you feel sets you apart from every other online wedding dress store out there?
A: There are 10 reasons to shop at CocoMelody.

      • Reliability – CocoMelody has over 15 years of expertise and knowledge in the bridal profession. Millions of customers have trusted CocoMelody for important occasions in their life. There are tailored thousands of beautiful occasion dresses and ideal wedding dresses. I can relax with the belief that CocoMelody is always here for my service and for my happy shopping journey.
      • Quality&Craftsmanship – With exclusive designs, hand-crafted details, and exceptional fit and feel, professional design and tailor teams from CocoMelody are dedicated to creating beautiful occasion dresses and gorgeous wedding gowns for every lady. Her sole focus is to deliver the best quality, best fitting dresses at affordable prices.
      • Value – CocoMelody believes that every bride should look and feel like a royal princess, regardless of her budget. And from design to delivery, there is no middleman, Cocomelody leads the entire process. So as a customer, I can save a lot on unnecessary expenses.
      • Personalized Service – Professional consultants at CocoMelody will go to great lengths to help me find the perfect gown. They know how important the wedding is for me, so they will do their best to provide considerate, personalized suggestions with me
      • Authority – When shopping at CocoMelody, I can have access to those knowledgeable, experienced wedding consultants. And I’ll also benefit from this extensive website, vendor program and behind-the-scenes resources.
      • Amazing Customization – With numerous fabric colors and dress styles, CocoMelody also has unlimited ability to personalize my events and big days. CocoMelody can customize dresses in colors I like, the styles I dream of and measurements I offer.
      • Fun – CocoMelody can relieve my stress of choosing an occasion dress or wedding gown. With more experience, more stylish options, more convenient shopping process and contact, they can help create my dream day with style and ease, which makes me have a wonderful dress-shopping experience.
      • Attention to Details – From the design to consultants, I can contact to make sure no details are overlooked. And they can help with every detail that I dream about my occasion dresses or wedding gowns, even like finding perfect accessories for me to keep ready for big day.
      • Store Experience – CocoMelody has real stores in important countries like Europe and USA. We’ll realize how much they care about offering you high-quality dresses and excellent service. The moment we walk in their stores, we’ll enjoy their very honest advice and try-on service. Their goal is to make it easy for us to find the dream dress and so much more.
      • Fashion – Designers at CocoMelody keep attention on world modern fashion to bring us the latest trends, while remembering traditional elements are an integrate part of this day. It’s all about finding the one perfect dress that’s right for us and keeping us ahead of trends.

Q: If you were to receive an e-mail from a bride, asking for your fashion guidance into picking a wedding dress, what would you tell her?

A: The most importance is to choose a wedding dress style based on your figure. Only a dress that is the most suitable for your body shape will be your right choice because that kind of dress will show off your advantages and at the same time help you hide shortages. And then you can imagine what your ideal wedding dress looks like. You can send me your favorite photos. Surely, I have to know your budget as well so that I will pick out corresponding pieces for your reference.

Q: If you could name one mistake that brides often make when picking their wedding dress, what would it be? And why is it a mistake?

A: Often, brides will choose their dress sizes only according to their own experience. Some brides-to-be will compare with our Size Chart to choose their own sizes but they never take measurements by themselves. What I suggest is that brides should look for a professional tailor to take measurements, including height, bust, waist, hips, hollow to hem and hollow to floor. If you find the standard sizes are not suitable for you, then you should choose the customized sizes.

Q: What can you tell me about the 2015 wedding dress trends?

A: There are 8 biggest gown trends.

  • Modern Minimalism – Bling always have a special place in our hearts but some of this season’s most inspiring looks are tailored with clean lines.
  • Ethereal Ball Gowns – In this season, ball gowns present us a more ethereal and flowing look due to breezy fabrics and a more relaxing silhouette.
  • Cut-outs and crop tops – Cut-outs and crop tops are trending not just for the big day, but also for pre-wedding events like the bachelorette party and bridal shower. This risk-taking style first came to our attention back in the fall, when trendsetter Hayley Paige debuted a gorgeous lilac version, and now more designers like Theia and Houghton Bride are following suit.
  • Exaggerated Neckline Designs – The high-neck style in front matches with a plunging V-neck at the back to perfectly showcase the bride’s sexuality. This innovative design appears on various kinds of shows this season.
  • Sheer Magic – We are often captivated by optical illusions, such as flesh-colored netting bodice, silky stockings, sexy see-through underwear and etc. That’s why illusion design is so popular this season.
  • Off-the-shoulder Design – There are more off-the-shoulder designs than ever before on different fashion shows. Undoubtedly this style will gain popularity as it will easily create a sexy and romantic feeling and not only that, it has an extremely figure-flattering effect. Moreover, off-the-shoulder design is able to create a triangle shape, which instantly makes the slender waist a highlight.
  • Capelets are cooler than ever – Beloved by the vintage-inspired and boho style, many wedding dress brands release cool capelets. This accessory is perfect for brides who are getting married in a religious house of worship and are required to cover their arms but may not necessarily want to commit to sleeves.
  • Colorful wedding dresses are coming – The traditional pure white wedding gown has been broken through. That touch of blush was favored by the majority of girly brides last season, but a rainbow collection of bridal wedding dresses 2015 seems to give brides more unexpected selections.

Q: We all know how important it is for a bride to look her best on the wedding day. So, when you’re shopping for an online wedding dress, how can you tell if a certain model will fit her silhouette?
A: If I were a bride-to-be, I will scout lots of posts or pictures online to make sure my silhouette style and learn something about what kind of dress style is suitable for me. Then I will browse the online dress shop to look for some suitable pieces. I think this is an effective way to tell a certain model can fit my silhouette.

There are something specific about silhouettes and suitable wedding dress styles for your reference.

asdasdsadaHere are some dress types that fit each particular silhouette:

 Hourglass silhouette:

(1) Sheath gowns (show off your figure’s pros with a streamlined silhouette that is slim from head to toe)
(2) Ball gowns (a structured bodice and full skirt team up for a look that’s oh so elegantly feminine)
(3) Mermaid/trumpet gowns (a curvy fit and flare silhouette plays up your figure in all the right places)

Triangle silhouette:

(1) A-line gowns (a fitted bodice with a skirt that gently angles away from the body showcases your figure’s strength)
(2) Empire gowns (this high-waist style keeps the focus on a petite upper frame, while a flowing skirt creates a graceful line)
(3) Ball gowns (choose a gown with a natural waist to flatter a slim upper body and a skirt that flows away from the hips and thighs)

Inverted triangle silhouette:

(1) Ball gowns (a full skirt creates symmetry with wider shoulders, while a structured bodice accents a trim waist)
(2) Short gowns (balance your top half by drawing attention downward to your legs & a great pair of heels)
(3) Trumpet/mermaid gowns (a slim bodice & flared skirt provide a flattering counterpoint to strong & shapely shoulders)

Rectangle silhouette:

(1) Empire gowns (a high-waist bodice hugs in just the right place & the long skirt creates the illusion of height while hiding your hips)
(2) A-line gowns ( create an hourglass shape with a style that nips in the waist and flows out gracefully to a floor-length skirt)
(3) Sheath gowns (a bias-cut sheath in a soft flowing fabric can create curves where they are needed)

Q: Do you have any last piece of advice for brides that are currently looking to buy a wedding dress?
A: Always choose a wedding gown that flatters your figure best. Always know your personal measurements before choosing dress size. Always skip from dresses at unbelievable price even when you want to save budget. Always find the trustful online shop to buy a wedding dress. Always communicate with online shop consultants when there is any doubt.

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