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Ladies, I’m pretty sure you are going to love this interview! We spoke to Varina from Unique Wedding Creations, who makes these amazing wedding cake toppers. You may want to read this, since the wedding cake is only the most important food item you’ll be serving.

Question: Varina, thank you so much for agreeing to do this interview with us. First of all, tell us a bit about yourself, the person behind the business, and why wedding cake toppers?

Answer: You’re welcome and it is an honor to do this interview. I love weddings and crafts and both my daughters were married in the same year and my younger daughter and I made everything we could make for their weddings, for example the decorations and bouquets and cakes favors etc.. We loved making something different and unique. Why I picked cake toppers is because I wanted to be in the wedding business but wanted to create my own hours, most people who are in the wedding business have their weekends taken up with their business.


Q: How did you start doing this line of work?

A: How I started in this line of work was my younger daughter noticed that a lady was selling stock from a cake topper business and since crafting and weddings were what we liked, we said lets do it. So we bought the supplies and began making cake toppers and going to wedding shows and we had such a great response the business began to grow. However, it became too much for my daughter with working and going to school so I took over the business.

Beauty & Beast white ACustom Nightmare

Q: I’ve looked through your website and the toppers are absolutely amazing. How long does it take to fulfill an order?

A: The minimum it can take to make a cake topper is 2 days, this is only if all the materials are in stock and the idea of the topper has been developed. If materials need to ordered in then it will take longer.

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Q: What’s the composition of the toppers?

A: The bases are plastic and the figurines are either plastic or ceramic or porcelain. Dolphin A Q: Do brides come with their own ideas or so you often suggest toppers to them?

A: More often I have brides/couples that come to me with their ideas, I love when this happens because it gives me the opportunity to make the topper unique and special to the couple. I make suggestions if the bride/couple ask for suggestions or are not sure what they want.IMG_0722IMG_0551Q: What sets your business apart from the other cake toppers sellers/manufacturers?

A:What sets my business apart from other cake topper sellers is that I make 1 topper, I do not duplicate the same cake topper over and over again.. I will use the same figurines again but the cake topper will have something different to make it unique.

White Snoopy AQ: What advice would you give to brides that are looking for someone to make their toppers?

A: My advice is if you are looking for someone to make them a cake topper, make sure that the person is easy to communicate with.IMG_5185Q: What are the 3 main qualities that an excellent cake topper manufacturer should have?

A: Excellent communication, promptness, flexibilityToy Story Woody AQ: What’s the most unusual cake topper you’ve ever had to deliver?

A: This is a tough question. Since I make unique cake toppers,  I do not find anything strange because the cake topper is special and meaningful to the couple.Miss Piggy and white heart AThe Simpsons AQ: Any last piece of advice for our brides?

A: Congratulations on your upcoming wedding and relax and enjoy your wedding day!

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