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We’re here today with Silvia Calenic, a professional make-up artist from Milan, Italy.

Silvia discovered her passion for make-up a few years ago and she’s been doing some great work not just for brides, but for several other events around Milan.

With an interesting background story, we are going to discover what are the bridal make-up trends for this year, how a sweet collaboration between a bride and her make-up artist should be and a little-big mistake that brides make with their wedding make up.


“Oh, and I laugh a lot!!!” – Silvia [Photo credits]

Question: Silvia, thank you so much for agreeing to do this interview with us. Tell our readers a bit more about who you are and how you decided to become a make-up artist.

Answer: Hi Theo, it’s always a pleasure talking to you. I am a Romanian Make Up Artist living in Milan since 2008. I’ve been attracted by make up and cosmetic products since I was a little girl, but never did follow my passion until 2013, when I decided to attend a professional make up training here in Milan. That’s when I realized I have found the most perfect job in the world. In only 2 years I have been part of a lot of interesting projects, including photo-shootings, parties, events & fashion shows. Since make up and cosmetology are very linked to one another, I wanted to learn more about skin care and therefore I joined an international cosmetic brand as a beauty consultant. I am also collaborating with my dearest friend Paola Saia from Pois Gras, holding makeup & hairstyle workshops in the style of Audrey Hepburn (a new concept of bachelorette party) .

Since the beginning of March 2015, I am also the PR responsible for the first Italian community of Make Up Artists on Facebook.

But however, I must say that the biggest professional and personal satisfaction comes from my work as a bridal make up artist.

Q: What about your first experience as a bridal make-up artist? Walk us through it a little bit.

A: Well…my first experience was quite a personal challenge, I must say. I didn’t know where to start from. The bride to be had very clear ideas of the make up she wanted to wear on her wedding day, but she wasn’t sure about the color or intensity of the eyeshadow. That’s why I suggested us to make 2 make up tests instead of 1, as previously decided. After the second make up test she confirmed everything. On the wedding day I knew just what to do and what products to use, so everything went perfectly. This experience tough me to always listen to the bride’s needs and comments and be proactive.

Q: How would you describe the perfect relationship between a bride and a make-up artist?

A:  I believe the key for a successful relationship between the two is trust and communication. You should really understand how important make up is during the BIG DAY. The brides look for perfection and quality. But also for a Make Up Pro that can guide them and suggest them the look that best suits their needs. Communication is really important since the concept of “beauty” is so subjective for each one of us. I personally try to listen and understand my brides’ requests and then try to adapt them based on: overall look, hairstyle, shape of the face / eyes, skin type etc, in order to achieve the perfect result.


Photo credits

Q: What is the main quality that brides should look for when trying to find the right make-up artist?

A: I think they should definitely look for a high quality service. I am not only talking about the products a MUA uses (which of course have to be professional ones) but also about the preparation and technique the MUA has.

Q: What can you tell us about the 2015 bridal make-up trends?

A: . From what we have seen in the last fashion shows, it seems that make up for brides is more defined and colorful, the face is well shaped and contoured and the eyes remain the main focus element . One of the prettiest bridal  make-up trends for 2015 was the English Rose Lip. It can be worn either with smokey eyes or with a nude make-up. I personally get bridal make up inspiration (and not only) from make-up guru’s such as Pat McGrath & Francesca Tolot, but also following websites such as Bridal Musings.

Q: Let’s assume you’re contacted by a future bride who needs a make-up artist. Where do you go from there? What are the next steps?

A:‎ I always ask for a face to face meeting in order to discuss make up and wedding details. During this meeting I ask for information such as wedding date, schedule, venue, dress style, hairstyle, and bridal make up ideas. I also make a personalized beauty consultancy to the bride to be, indicating her proper cosmetic products she should use in order to prepare the skin for the bid day. Don’t forget to ask about any make up allergies, that’s a key point in order to choose the correct make up products for your client.

Together we decide the make up style and the date for the make up test (usually 1 month before the wedding). During the make up test I prefer to give the bride 2 make up options for the eyes so she can choose the one she likes most. I focus a lot on moisturizing the skin and create a flawless base intended to last for the whole day, using waterproof and HD products. Another key point is covering all imperfections, such as redness, pimples and dark circles around the eyes.After the make up test is completed I fill in a personal face chart with the products used and eventual comments to be considered during the wedding day. Remember to always follow up with the bride after the make up test in order to check if she is completely satisfied or if she wants to make some adjustments to her look. A week before the weeding I call the bride in order to confirm once again the wedding details and our meeting. These steps for me are vital buy I always customize them based on the type of person I have in front of me.

Q: If you could change one thing in the current bride mentality, what would that be?

A: Dare a little bit more with your make up …I just love a more intense bridal look, as Kim Kardashian’s one for example.

Q: What do you do when you come across a difficult bride? Like one who’s tried 8 different make-up styles and doesn’t like any of them?

A: I was lucky so far, I guess and never did find myself in a similar situation. But assuming I come across a “difficult bride” I would to dig and find out what she didn’t like about the make-up styles she tried and what is her idea for her bridal look. You see, many of the times my clients send me photos with bridal smokey eyes as an example for what they’d want their look to be, but at the end they don’t feel comfortable with this kind of makeup and we end up doing a nude one.‎

Q: What do you feel recommends you as a make-up artist?

A: You should ask this to my clients and collaborators :D…I consider myself a well prepared make up artist, working with a lot of enthusiasm. Oh, and I laugh a lot!!!

Q: If you could give brides any piece of advice for their wedding day, what would it be?

A:‎ Relax and enjoy the ride! And entrust your make up in the hands of the specialists 😉

Here are some photos of Silvia’s work, courtesy of Pier Sparrow.

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