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We’re here today with Dale Zimmermann, a photographer who’s ready to talk about the experience of shooting wedding. At the end of the article, you will discover some of Dale’s amazing work.

Question: Thank you so much for agreeing to do this interview with us. Tell our readers a bit more about yourself, who you are and why you decided to become a photographer.

Answer: My name is Dale Zimmermann, and I am a Wedding Photographer who covers Essex and surrounding areas in the UK. I have been doing Wedding photography for about 4 years, and completely love it! I got my first camera about 6 years ago and found I enjoy taking photos of people, and when my first son came along took the opportunity of snapping away learning how my camera worked. I started doing many free shoots to practice and to build my confidence, before then creating my website showing my best work. Since then I have continued to build my business, and trying to be more creative in what I do.

Q: Out of all the wedding genres out there, why pick weddings? Why not portrait or landscape photography?

A: Wedding Photography is by far my favorite genre to capture!  I have always loved being around people, and people watching, and Weddings give me the opportunity to capture those moments between people that the couple(s) sometimes miss. I have had Brides say to me, they didn’t even realize something had happened on their day until they see it in their photos, and this can be an amazing feeling.

Q: What is you biggest challenge as a wedding photographer?

A: The biggest challenge for me as a photographer is trying to be at more than one place at the same time! It can be very challenging when I am capturing moments on the dance floor, but there is other things going on in the background. Having a second shooter on the day can assist with this; however this can be expensive for the couple, and is not always viable.  Over the years I have developed a good idea of where to be, and what to look for on the day.

Q: How many times do you meet with the couple before the actual event?

A: I generally meet with the couple twice before their day. The initial meeting to discuss their day, and the Save the Date Shoot or Engagement shoot which I include in all my Wedding Packages. The more they meet with me, the more they are more comfortable with me.  The engagement shoot really shows the couple how relaxed I am capturing moments for them.

Q; Have you ever dealt with what everyone calls a “bridezilla”? How did that turn out for you?

A: I have only encountered one issue in the past whereby a Bride wanted a second person shooting as well as myself as they didn’t believe I could get all the shots they wanted throughout the day. I have to say there was a lot of mediation involved between myself, talking about the cost of another photographer. I showed the bride a full wedding gallery to re-assure her of what her final product would look like. This did convince her and I’m happy to say she was over the mood with her photos.

Q: How do you convince brides they need you as their wedding photographer?

A: My work and me. Each photographer has their own style, and many Couples have an idea of what kind of style they like. I always show my best work on my website so couples can get an idea of how their photos will look. I love to talk to people, and generally there is nothing more satisfying talking to excited couples with their Wedding days approaching! 99.9% of the time once a couple sees my enthusiasm, my ideas and dedication, together with work, they are happy to have me as their photographer.

Q: And what exactly do you do on the wedding day?

A: My day starts early, ensuring that all my equipment is ready to go (even though I checked it the day before as well!). I then go to the location of the bride (or if same sex wedding one of the couple) at least two hours before the wedding to capture some moments of them getting ready. I then head to the venue to get those anxious moments of the Groom awaiting his bride. Throughout the ceremony I stand back and capture those natural moments.  I then capture the day up to and including the first dance.

Q: What have you found from your own experience, what freaks out brides the most when it comes to planning their own wedding?

A: The biggest thing I have noticed that bothers brides in particular is the weather on their day! From my experience always plan for the unexpected. There are some fantastic moments photographers can capture in the rain, but it also relies on Brides and Grooms to be willing

Q: Describe an emotional moment that you had while being hired to work at a wedding.

A: The most emotional moment I captured was a bride’s brother giving his speech in the space of father of the bride. Tragically her father passed away only a couple of months prior to the wedding. Even I could not hold back the tears!

Q: What should brides look for in a wedding photographer?

A: The first thing any bride should look at is the work of the photographer, and if there were any guestbook entries from couples. I would then ask to meet the photographer in question, and ask them to bring any books or prints with them which would showcase their work. I would then say it is down to personality!

Q: One last piece of advice for our readers?

A: As someone who is married, and spends a lot of time at Weddings the best advice is to relax and enjoy your day as it goes so fast!


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