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Dinendra, an outstanding wedding photographer at Colours Photo and Film, has agreed to tell everyone what brides should really look for in a wedding photographer. All the photos inside the article have been taken at her past events and their beauty pretty much speaks for itself.

Question: Dinendra, thank you so much for agreeing to do this interview with us. First of all, tell us why wedding photography, out of all the possible genres out there.

Answer: Wedding photography is the genre which allows me the huge honor of being the person to capture the most special day in a couple’s life. There are few more rewarding jobs, and I totally love what I do. I strive to ensure that the photographs I capture document the story of the wedding day – I want people to look at the photos and literally be transported back to the occasion. The beauty is that no two weddings are the same, and for me that means endless opportunities to photograph all the important moments as well as being able to produce something different, be it creative, fun, images with the couple relaxing, or using the surroundings to capture some stunning portraits.

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Q: Tell us a bit about the person behind the camera and how you started doing wedding photography.

A: I have had a passion for photography from an early age, often seen carrying around an old Polaroid camera to capture family trips or events. I then studied the art of photography at college and became a medical photographer based at St Mary’s Medical School for 4 years. As a medical photographer, my work involved reproducing radiography images, creating photographs for reconstructive surgeries, producing educational slides and documenting operating room procedures through images. I have photographed three open-heart surgeries.

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During this time, a friend approached me to cover his son’s wedding and things just took off from there. I have been a wedding photographer for over 25 years, initially photographing using good old-fashioned film cameras and now the latest digital cameras.

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Q: From your experience, what does a bride need to look for in a wedding photographer?

A: There are lots of factors that current day brides look for when choosing a wedding photographer. Factors such as style of photography, experience, and price are all obvious. However, I would say that firstly, you need to be completely happy with the style of photography so check out the website and go and meet the photographer and also see the albums. The next most important thing is being able to build a rapport with the photographer – it is so important that you get on, and can work with each other to produce outstanding results. Your wedding photographer should be approachable and comfortable with friends, family and wedding guests and be able to blend in on the day to capture the wedding day as it unfolds.

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Ensure you ask how many weddings the photographer covered since they began trading and how long they have been in the business. This doesn’t mean that they are any less capable if they have only been trading for a short period of time but will give you a good idea of experience gained. Similarly, if a photographer has been in the business for years and has experience in abundance, you may want to check that their style has moved with the times and will meet the expectations of a modern day bride and groom.

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Q: What do you feel recommends you more than other wedding photographers?

A: The beautiful images I capture which tell a story and my ability to get on with everyone, making the photography enjoyable for everyone.

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Q: On the day of the wedding, what are your exact roles?

A: As well as capturing all the key moments, making sure people feel at ease and actually enjoy the photography. I have even played the role of coordinator, master of ceremonies and children’s entertainer at some weddings!

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Q: What do you feel is the biggest mistake that brides make when looking for a wedding photographer?

A: Having too low a budget for photography but still wanting the absolute best in photography – it just doesn’t happen! And by the time couples realise, it’s too late – you can’t have your wedding again. Is it really worth saving £200 and ending up with photographs you don’t like?

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Q: What advice would you give to brides so they can have the best wedding photos?

A: Leave sufficient time to capture portraits. I’ve photographed at the most amazing venues up the down the country, and used the surroundings to create some timelessly beautiful images. However, occasionally couples do not leave enough time for portraits, and if things are running late, they will skip this vitally important part of the wedding.

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Booking a pre-wedding shoot is a good idea to allow you to see what being in front of the camera is like and getting to know your photographer better. You’ll also come away with some great images to use in a guest book or a canvass to be displayed on the wedding day.

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Q: What are the 3 main qualities that an excellent wedding photographer should have?

A: Professionalism to capture the wedding, calm manner in a highly pressured environment, creativity to capture all the traditional as well as the beautifully different shots.

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Q: You are also a videographer, if I’m not mistaking. Tell our readers a bit more about the film services you offer.

A: We do offer film services – my son and daughter cover this. We only film a small number of weddings a year to ensure we give each the absolute focus they deserve both on the day, and at editing stage. For us, each film is unique and if you take a look at the films on our website, you will see just how wonderfully created they are. We film using the latest DSLR technology and as a family team, we are comfortable with each other’s working style to produce some outstanding results.

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Q: And what exactly are the roles of a videographer, before, during and after the wedding day?

A: Very similar to a photographer’s role. We do ask our clients to look at the previous films we have done, and give us any preferences. But we always work with what is happening on the day, unobtrusively capturing all those special moments to create a beautiful film that couples look back on with fondness in years to come.

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Q: Any last piece of advice for our brides?

A: If you want a photographer to capture the story of your day as it unfolds, with outstanding skill and creativity, coupled with the best personality, then get in touch to have a chat about your special day.

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