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While summer weddings are still in trend, there is something about the colors of the fall season that just inspire romance all around. In the end, it’s the warmth inside your soul that matter and not so much the heat outside.

We’ve decided to put some ideas out there, for all the couples that took the courage to prepare an unforgettable fall wedding this year.

As far as your bridal bouquet is concerned, don’t be afraid to break the pattern and go for something more that just your typical flowers. You can create a bouquet with tree branches and oak leaves, pine cones and wild roses. If you still want to add the season’s flowers, go for roses, chrysanthemums and dahlias.

For your table’s decorations, use autumn fruits, dry oak leaves, cinnamon sticks, pine cones and acorns. Use wood as much as you like, along with other natural materials.


Don’t be afraid to also decorate the tables or the fruit table with cornucopia. This cornucopia is also known as “the abundance horn”, an it is a horn-shaped container which is filled with fruit and nuts.  It will make a beautiful decoration.


If you want to add a tad more shine to your wedding, opt for golden candles for your centerpieces. Cover them in glitter if you have to.

The candy bar can be filled with all sorts of sweets made out of apples and grapes: tarts, strudels,  baked apples, muffins, croissants with raising and so on.

Since fall is all about romance and a bit of melancholy, the perfect wedding dress has a more retro look and has touches of silky lace. If the weather is a bit chilly, opt for shawls for yourself and for the bridesmaids.

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