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Every woman knows that the wedding dress is generally the most expensive item a future bride has to buy for her wedding. And the more Swarovski Crystals and Vera Wang creations you aim for, the more the prices are gonna go up. But let’s assume that you are on a budget and no matter how much you want an expensive wedding dress, you just can’t afford it. What if there was a way for you to get your hands on a beautiful wedding dress without spending a fortune? Oh wait, there is…

Buying the wedding dress online

Sometimes, some of the cheapest options you have are online. Everyone expects you to be a regular princess on your wedding day, so make sure that you take time and weight out all the options. Don’t pick your wedding dress after browsing just a couple of websites. This process may take weeks, so prepare in advance to have enough time to find the gown of your dreams. You can get amazing online discounts. You can even search for coupon codes on websites that scout out such deals on your behalf.

If you find a dress that you like on a website like eBay, you need to play close attention to the reviews that vendor received in the past. Make sure that you ask for more photos of the gown, especially if it’s a second-hand one.

Wedding dress with a small budget

Borrowing or renting the wedding gown

Your mother would be thrilled if you told her you wanted to get married in the same wedding dress that she wore on the day of her own wedding. If the dress is no longer available or you don’t like it, don’t be afraid to ask around amongst your other relatives or friends. Borrowing the wedding dress can surely save you a lot of money, but you need to consider 2 things first: make sure that you take really good care of the dress and return it just as it was when you were handed this beautiful gown; also remember that the wedding dress is one of the most beautiful memories that you will have after the wedding, so if you want a gown that you can preserve and call your own, borrowing a dress is not such a good idea.

There is always the option of renting a wedding dress. If you have your heart set out on a designer wedding dress which is generally very expensive, you can get one for a much lower price by renting it. There are many shops and outlets that specialize in renting wedding dresses, so an internet or a phone book search should do the trick. Here are some websites that can help with that:
– VowToBeChic.com

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Going for a more non-traditional option

How good are you at making dresses? Do you have a friend who is good with these things? Because making your own wedding dress is often times cheaper that buying a new one. If you have a specific type of dress in mind, a seamstress can make it for you at a much more affordable price.

Also, the wedding dress doesn’t actually have to be a wedding dress. You can opt for a white gown which is way cheaper. Just search for a white dress that suits your taste. You can also let go of tradition and choose a wedding dress that is not necessarily white. First of all, make sure that your mother won’t be too angry with you not following tradition.

Brides that live in bigger cities surely have wedding fairs in their region, where different vendors from all corners of the country have stands with special offers for future brides.

If you’re planning your wedding a year in advance, pay close attention to annual sales that designers and outlets have. You can even call stores to receive information on the sales periods that you can mark in your calendar. Remember to subscribe to newsletters on designers’ websites to stay informed on the special discounts they have.

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