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Your wedding reception is over, the personnel hired to assist you with the organization begin to clear the stage where the show of your wedding has been performed, and while doing this they keep asking you if there is anything you would like to have that is left from the wedding reception. First you don’t understand what is it exactly that they ask from you but when your eyes fall on your bridal bouquet that lays on a corner of a table then you realize that you actually would like to keep it to remind you of that big event of your life.

So you take it with you at home, still having the fresh perfume of the flowers and the joy that their colors offers still lighten up your soul and you smile content with your decision. But suddenly your smile is fading away, as you gradually realize that all that is present now in your wedding bouquet will faint sooner or later, and the flowers will die one day, and you will be forced to throw it for fear not to witness the dried petals falling down as tears fall on the cheeks of the sadness. Your thoughts are quite upset at this possibility and you begin asking for methods to show you how to dry wedding flowers. You browse the websites and a lot of options are given from hiring a professional to do that or to try doing it yourself.

how-to-dry-wedding-flowersThe site with the professionals advise that is better to call someone to deliver their services due to their experience for one, and secondly because the process itself lasts 8 to 10 weeks and it needs thoroughly attention and care all this time. But the point is that most of the pros sites say that you had to call them before the wedding day was finished in order for them to give you tips of caring for and transporting it till the day they would have come and pick the bouquet up.

So you decide that at whatever risk you will attempt to preserve it following the steps of how to dry wedding flowers by yourself, steps which are generously described on different websites. Some of these steps include using drying agents such as silica gel, sand or borax, and through this process one has to completely cover each flower to draw out moisture. Other sites recommend that you ask a preservationist in order to tell you which type of flower can be preserved or not. During all your research you have to remember to keep your bridal bouquet in a cooler until they are ready to be preserved.

After the process of preservation is over (it took you some time with the drying method, with the spraying thing and all), you’d better start thinking of a nice decoration kit to display it nicely in a spot where you have all the time view, thus reminding you with pleasure of the day when you have promised to the man of your life.11

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