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Your bridal shower is in a few weeks and you are still stuck on the question — how to decide what to wear to a bridal shower. Your best friends and family will be there to celebrate your wedding, which is in a couple of months. They will give you gifts, play games, and take lots and lots of pictures. Just like every event leading up to the wedding, your bridal shower will be a precious memory that you will fondly recall down the line.

Therefore, you need to ensure you look your best at your bridal shower, so that when you look at your old pictures, you will not go like, “what was I wearing? or “what was I thinking when I chose this outfit?” Do not worry because we will not let you make that mistake. When you are looking for a dress to wear at your bridal shower, here is what we want you to consider:

1. Keep Things Simple

Given that you are the bride and you want to stand out from your guests, but in your effort to stand out, you may get your entire outfit wrong. You can opt for a bold colored and embroidered bridal shower dress. If you want to wear a jumpsuit, you can, just keep away from the diamond-encrusted, bejeweled, and fringed jumpsuits.

The day you really want to stand out is on your wedding day, so keeps things simple at your bridal shower and then amaze people with your glamorous wedding dress on your big day.

2. Go for a Classic Look

Select from floral prints, pastel palettes, and flowing silhouettes. Most importantly, you need to choose a classic look over a modern, experimental look. You can experiment at other events, but not at your own bridal shower. Your bridal shower is an important event, just like your wedding.

If you end up wearing something that you will not naturally wear just for the sake of being different, it might backfire, not look good, and bum you out for the entire bridal shower. Instead, opt for something that complements your silhouette.

Some bridal shower dresses to consider include a maxi dress or a fit and flare dress. Since most bridal showers take place in the day, get a day dress with bows and lace. For example, you can look for a beige chiffon wrap dress to wear with bows and lace. It would also work if the dress has intricate white embroidery on it. You can even wear a jumpsuit, given you have worn it before and are confident that you can pull it off.

3. Pay Attention to Color

Color is important. Now, again you may be compelled to wear a completely different color that you have never worn before but for your bridal shower, don’t. It is not a good idea to experiment with colors that you have never worn before at your bridal shower. If you want to wear a different color at another event, go ahead. What colors should you stick to?

White is a great color to wear at a bridal shower. You are the bride-to-be, hence it makes sense to keep with the white theme. A color that you should not wear at all is black. Whether your bridal shower is taking place in the summer or winter, wearing black is a no-go from the start. You should not wear a color that is associated with negativity.

4. Accessorize Your Outfit

Do not forget to accessorize. With your bridal shower dress, you can pair it up with earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets. Just never overdo with the jewelry because the real star will be your diamond engagement earrings, so do not wear anything too flashy that it takes away the attention from it.

You can wear statement jewelry, for instance. As for shoes, you can wear ballet flat and wedges, but not stilettoes. You can wear stilettoes if your bridal shower is indoors, but not outdoors, as they may sink into the soft ground.

5. Buy a Bridal Dress that You Will Wear Again

If your budget allows you to, you can buy a bridal shower that you would not normally wear to other events. If you are on a budget, which most brides are, consider buying a bridal shower that you can see yourself wearing it again.

6. Ask Your Maid of Honor

If you are unsure about the type of dress you should buy for your bridal shower, you can always turn to your maid of honor or any person who knows their fashion. If there is someone close to you who has a good dressing style and you love what they wear, you can take them shopping with you. They can help you pick out the perfect bridal shower dress.

7. Customize Your Bridal Shower Dress

This is not an option that is often taken by soon-to-be-brides, but you can take this option if you want to. Make it your last resort if you cannot find the perfect bridal shower dress. If you are a creative person who likes to design their own clothes and you will be designing your own wedding dress and every other dress for every wedding event, consider customizing your bridal shower dress. You will find several specialty stores that can create a bespoke bridal shower dress for you.

As a soon-to-be bride, head to the mall, search at wedding specialty stores in your area, or browse online stores to find the perfect dress that you can wear at your bridal shower. A bridal shower is one of those days that you will always remember. Your friends and family will give you gifts and shower you with love and blessings. Wearing the perfect bridal shower dress can make this day even more memorable.

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