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Your big day will be here soon, but have you thought about what you will give your bridesmaid? You will need to give them a gift. However, how much to spend on bridesmaids’ gifts is up for debate. You do not want to give them something too cheap but also not something too expensive that it causes you to exceed your budget.

We thought to help you out by telling you more than just the amount of money you need to spend on the bridesmaid gift, but also when you need to start shopping for it, what to buy them, and when to gift it to them. Without further ado, let’s dive right in.

1. How Much Should You Spend on Bridesmaid Gifts?

The amount of money you spend on bridesmaid gifts depends on the budget you have set aside for your wedding. When allocating money for buying your bridesmaid’s gift, you have to keep in mind that they are putting in a lot of effort and time into ensuring your wedding goes off without a hitch. Therefore, it is important that you show them how much you appreciate their contributions to your wedding.

When you are deciding on an amount to spend on bridesmaid gifts, you need to keep in mind the degree of contribution they are making to your wedding. Are they paying for the plane tickets? Are they booking the hotel rooms? Are they paying for their own dresses and shoes? How much money have they spent on arranging your bridal shower and any other events they have thrown for you?

You just need to spend your money on a gift appropriately. If you want a figure, you should spend around $75 to $150 on gifts per bridesmaid. As for the maid of honor, you need to spend a little more on her gift, as she is the one that takes responsibility for designating tasks to each bridesmaid.

2. When Should You Start Shopping for Bridesmaid Gifts?

You should start to shop for bridesmaid gifts as early as possible. If you start to think about what gifts to buy them towards the end of the wedding, you may not get enough time to think on the type of gift that you should get your bridesmaid and maid of honor.

To avoid buying gifts for them in a hurry, you need to shop for them at least one month or two months before you are to wed. This will give you enough time to buy an appropriate gift for each bridesmaid. If you come across a gift that you think will be perfect for a certain bridesmaid, do not hesitate to purchase it, as gift shopping is already hard enough so do not think that you will find something better.

3. What Bridesmaid Gifts Should You Buy?

Selecting gifts for your bridesmaid and maid of honor is not an easy task at all. You will need to give it some serious thought. You need to find a gift that each bridesmaid will love. You need to know what they like and then look for a gift for them. You want to provide them with a gift that will remind them of your wedding whenever they look at it.

Even if 30 years have passed by, when they look at your wedding, all the memories will come rushing back. You need to give a toast at your wedding to your bridesmaid and then give each of them a gift, one by one. Lastly, you toast your maid of honor and give her the gift. If you want to give them something they can wear, you buy them a clutch or a piece of jewelry.

You do not have to give them a wedding specific gift either. You can give them something they can use or a creative gift that you carefully selected for them. When you go shopping for their gifts, you need to ask yourself if this is something you would buy for yourself. If you come up with a no, do not buy it.

4. When Should You Give Your Bridesmaid the Gifts?

The best time to give your bridesmaid the gifts is at your rehearsal dinner. If you want, you can even give them gifts at a separate occasion, such as at lunch or dinner specially thrown for them. As said previously, you can say a few words for them before you present them with the gift you got for them.

Apart from following this, there is another way you can decide on how much to spend on bridesmaid gifts. Here are three useful tips you can use to create a budget for gifts for your bridesmaid:

  • On a piece of paper, you need to calculate the amount of money you think your bridesmaid will spend on your wedding.
  • You need to spend around $75 to $150 on bridesmaid gifts. You need to calculate the total cost of the gifts you buy for your bridesmaid and multiply by 10%. This will provide you with an almost accurate amount for the money you need to spend on the gifts.
  • You also need to spend at least 15% to 20% on the gift for your bridesmaid. This is because your maid of honor has more responsibilities than your bridesmaid does, which is why her gift needs to be more expensive and extravagant than the gifts for the bridesmaid.

If you are getting married, you should start thinking about the type of gifts you should purchase for each bridesmaid, including your maid of honor. It is important that you do not buy a gift for them that undermines the effort they put into arranging various events, leading up to your wedding, but buy them a gift that shows them that you are truly thankful for their financial contribution to the wedding.

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