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How long does it take to plan a wedding? If you are a newly engaged couple, you are probably doing the math in your head, trying to estimate the number of months it will take you to plan your wedding. The duration it takes to plan a wedding depends on when you plan to get married.

Do you want to get married after three or six months after getting engaged? Do you want to get married after two to three years after getting engaged? We can provide you with an idea of how long it can take to plan your wedding.

1. The Guest List

Before you book the venue and send out wedding invitations, you need to know the number of people you will be inviting to your wedding. If you are trying to save money, you can limit your guest list.

2. The Wedding Invitation

Next up, create a list of the people you want to invite to your wedding. You also need to choose a wedding invitation card to send out to your family and friends. However, you can only choose a wedding invitation once you have booked a venue for your wedding.

You should send your wedding invitation at least six to eight weeks before your wedding is to take place. To do all of this, give yourself at least two to three months to create a plan. Also, start looking for venues and caterers several months in advance. With your venue booked, you can send out the wedding invitations.

If you want to save money on wedding invitations, you can invite your friends and family via a social media platform, such as Facebook and deliver wedding invitations to selected friends and family.

3. Practice Flexibility

If you are not flexible with your dates, you may not get the venue of your dreams. Unless you are using yours or someone else’s backyard to host your wedding, book your venue several months in advance so that you can get your preferred one on your wedding date.

If you wait till the last minute or even a few months before your wedding, your favorite venue will be gone. Flexibility comes in when your preferred date is booked. In that case, you will need to choose Sunday for your wedding.

4. Bring Your Negotiating Skills to the Table

If you are not an expert negotiator, you will have to become one in order to bargain for lower prices with the vendors you choose for your wedding. This is especially true if you are having a last-minute wedding, which requires you to negotiate.

When you meet up with a vendor, ask them to provide you with an initial quote because vendors tend to be more flexible with their prices with last-minute weddings. Some of the vendors you will have to book include the videographer and photographer, entertainment, and caterer.

5. Keep Track of Your Budget

If you are having a last-minute wedding, make sure to budget wisely for it. Keep an eye on your finances and come up with a budget. It is only natural to run into difficulties with last-minute weddings, but just because it is difficult does not mean that it is not possible.

Since you are not planning to get married next year, but this year after a few months, you will not be able to spread the payments out through the year, but you will need to pay the complete costs right away to the vendors. That is why you should develop a budget right away and look at your finances and budget accordingly for the wedding. Moreover, you can use the few months leading up to the wedding to save money for it.

6. Accommodation and Transportation

You will also need to book accommodation and arrange for transportation before your big day. You should do this beforehand, as they can get booked fast. If you are having your wedding during a month that several weddings take place, you will have to get ahead of the pack.

7. Book the Officiant

You need to book the officiant who will be performing your wedding service. No officiant means no wedding, so this is a very important step when you are planning your wedding. In most states, you can have a friend or family member seek permission to become an officiant and officiate your wedding, given you do not want to have a religious wedding ceremony.

However, this may take some time due to the steps you have to cross to get a friend or family member to officiate your wedding. For this reason, it will do you good if you take care of this step during the earlier stages of planning your wedding.

8. Wedding Dress

When it comes to buying a wedding dress, you have two choices. You can find your wedding dress from a specialty store or you can buy a sample wedding dress from a bridal shop or purchase a wedding dress off the rack.

If you go with the latter, your choices will be limited. You should get it from a specialty store with a wide selection of wedding dresses. Once you have chosen a wedding dress, you will need to alter it to fit your body frame and find accessories to complement it.

However, purchasing a wedding dress from a specialty store only works if your wedding is planned after several months. The same goes for the groom. However, brides have a tougher time selecting a wedding dress.

There is no definite answer to answering the question of how long it takes to plan a wedding because it really depends on how soon you want to tie the knot. Unless you are having a shotgun wedding like getting married in Las Vegas with Elvis Presley officiating your wedding, then that is another thing entirely.

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