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One of the most recent workout programs to take the fitness world by storm is called the Body Beast Workout. Body Beast is a bodybuilding program designed to give you the most results in the shortest time possible. By combining every aspect of a healthy and strong life, such as working out, building muscle, and eating right, the Body Beast Workout can achieve some of the most dramatic and significant physical improvements.

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In this article, you will learn about what the Body Beast Workouts are and what the Body Beast program is, in general. Plus, the most important topic, an answer to the question, “How long are body beast workouts going to take?”

Time is one of the main things that hold people back from pursuing a healthier lifestyle. With work, family, relaxation, and other commitments exercising and taking the time to eat right don’t seem like a feasible option for many people. It can seem overwhelming and, frankly, not quite worth the effort to get started.

However, many people don’t realize the importance of physical health and how drastically it can change your quality of life, even your mental health. Keep reading to find out about Body Beast and how it can help you achieve all of this without feeling like time is holding you back.

What Is Body Beast?

Body Beast is a workout program that was designed by a successful bodybuilder, with science backing it up and aiming to give people the biggest and most visible results. Sagi Kalev is an experienced bodybuilding competitor and has even been awarded the title “Mr. Israel” twice in his lifetime.

He has dedicated his life to studying the human body and pushing it to the limits. In his Body Beast workout program, he emphasizes not only building muscles and seeing results in the mirror but especially learning the right techniques and building a foundation as well as one’s self-esteem.

Body Beast is not your typical workout program. Sagi used his knowledge of nutrition, bodybuilding, and functional medicine to create a program that anyone can use. Let’s take a look at some of the things that make Body Beast unique:

  • Sets. Body Beast Workouts use several different sets, mainly: single, super, giant, progressive, forced, drop, and tempo. By using these different sets, combined with the tried and tested workouts, the Body Beast method can achieve results that simple exercises just aren’t able to.
  • Location. Luckily, for beginners and people on a budget, the Body Beast program was completely designed to be done at home. No need to travel to the gym every day or invest in a gym membership.
  • Time. Body Beast was designed with accessibility and results in mind, so it’s created for real people leading real lives. This program can be completed efficiently without an insane amount of time commitment.
  • Phases. Body Beast has three distinct phases of improvement: Build, Bulk, and Beast. Build focuses on getting started and giving your muscles a solid foundation of strength. Meanwhile, Bulk focuses on the quick growth of your muscles. Lastly, Beast focuses on stripping away your excess fat and giving you a new level of strength by the end of the program.
how long are body beast workouts

How Long Are Body Beast Workouts for?

As you’ve already learned, Body Beast is one of the most accessible workout programs because of the minimal time commitment necessary to join in. In fact, the entire program only spans 90 days. That’s three months of working out consistently; not very long in the grand scheme of things! Plus, almost everyone who participates in Body Beast sees drastic and visible improvements in their strength, technique, endurance, and physique. Not only is the program relatively short, but the daily workouts are also all under an hour!

Although many bodybuilders spend hours in the gym, the Body Beast doesn’t require anywhere near that level of commitment. Every Body Beast workout ranges only from 30 to 50 minutes. The program also allows for one rest day each week. Even for people with full-time jobs and plenty of commitments, Body Beast is doable without feeling overwhelmed and overcommitted. The daily Body Beast workouts also include short rest periods of around 30 to 60 seconds in between. However, be warned that they’re guaranteed to leave you sweating and feeling the burn! That is the point, after all.

Body Beast can achieve what most fitness programs achieve with short workouts because of the science behind muscle growth. Workouts under an hour are ideal since they can get your muscles working and promote significant growth without crossing over into muscle damage and tissue loss. It’s a win-win from any perspective. Take a look at the Body Beast Workout schedule to gain a little more insight into the easygoing time commitment:

The Body Beast Schedule

  • Build Phase: 3 weeks
  • Bulk Phase: 5 weeks
  • Beast Phase: 4 weeks

Keep in mind; there is a Lean Schedule and a Huge Schedule. While both have the same time organization, the former sheds more fat loss. The Lean Schedule is also usually the best place to start, especially if you are concerned about how long are body beast workouts going to take.

What Is the Body Beast Meal Plan?

Anyone, even those remotely interested in physical health, knows that fitness isn’t all about working out. Additionally, working out is not the only thing that takes up time when you’re trying to see results. Eating right and focusing on a diet is a huge component in physical health, and the Body Beast program doesn’t ignore that fact. The Body Beast program is complete with a full meal plan that helps you figure out the ideal foods for your body.

Luckily, this is all pre-planned and laid out for you in the Body Beast program, which helps cut down on the amount of time you have to spend figuring out what to eat. The Body Beast Meal Plan is separated into the same three phases as the workouts, namely, Build, Bulk, and Beast. Plus, it offers flexible options depending on your body type and metabolism coming into the program. Essentially, the program allows you to see exactly how much of each food category, such as protein, fruits, vegetables, fats, legumes, and starches you should be eating. How cool is that?

With all these said, stop procrastinating on your physical health and get into the Body Beast program today! Soon enough, you’ll be looking at a new and healthier version of you!

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