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High Sierra Tech 2 Series Titan 65 ReviewToday we’ll take a look at the High Sierra Tech Series Titan 65 Internal Frame Pack. This backpack is great for almost all outdoor activities, boasting a 65-liter storage space, not to mention its waterproof so everything you carry will stay dry even if you encounter a sudden rain shower. But hiking and camping aren’t the only things the Titan 65 is good at, because it’s also perfect for longer travels. First of all, there’s the space again, which allows you to pack everything you need for longer trips (like two or three weeks and I even spoke with someone that spent the entire summer abroad using only this). Then there’s also the durability, having no problems being put in trucks, buses or getting through security checks in airports.

And speaking of materials and size, let’s see a little more official details about it. The Titan 65 is made by High Sierra Sport Company, a company that has a 25-year experience in creating durable backpacks and which is also the official supplier for the United States Snowboarding and Ski teams. The Tech Series is their most advanced internal frame packs line and the Titan 65 is this line’s flagship. Materials used include Nylon Mini Diamond Ripstop, with the bottom being made of Duralite Nylon 840D (a more resistant type of Nylon). The backpack’s dimensions are 32 x 14.25 x 8.75 (inches) and its weight is around 5 pounds (empty).

Being a large backpack, suspension is really important (the last thing I’d need was for it to be uncomfortable or difficult to carry), so the Titan 65 has S-shaped shoulder straps (they call it Ergo-Fit) and a back panel made from high-density foam with channels that let the air flow (do you don’t get too sweaty while carrying it). Combined with the internal frame and the adjustable chest strap, the package looks pretty good. And since longer trips will probably mean facing bad weather too, the backpack features a built-in rain cover, that goes in a special compartment on the bottom of the pack when not being used.

As for storage spaces and don’t think I need to go into the whole specs sheet, but it features countless storage spaces (including a hydration reservoir, mesh pockets for 1-liter bottles, removable media pocket, etc.)

What are people saying about it:

Looking for other reviews, it seems that people that bought it are more than happy with what the Titan 65 has to offer. For example, looking at Amazon ratings, the backpack has 23 reviews, out of which 25 are 5-star (that’s maximum), while on eBags 68 out of 73 people recommend it. Most people praise its durability and looks, space it offers and also say that it’s very comfortable.

“This summer I went abroad. And guess what? I took my High Sierra Titan 65 with me. I had enough space to pack all my clothing and the products I needed for my trip. It was a wonderful trip and carrying my backpack on was fantastic.”
Ramon (New York)
“I just got back from the Philmont Scout Ranch in northern New Mexico. I took this pack on a 10-day 69-mile hike up and down mountains, valleys, etc. It worked just as I had hoped [..] and I am happy to report that this pack is durable, sturdy, end endlessly customizable. Due to the nature of a Philmont hike, your pack tends to be unpacked and repacked differently nearly every day. This Titan pack excelled no matter how I packed it.”
Michael Nichols
“Incredible Value, Does great what it is intended for. Used for a 3-week backpacking trip to Southeast Asia.”
Becky, Orlando

Of course, as you can imagine, even though it’s a premium backpack, the Titan 65 also received some complaints: the backpack’s weight (somewhat normal for a large backpack) and size (it is smaller than other backpacks therefor requires careful packing). The only major complaint was from a someone whose chest strap snapped on the first day of an 8-day hike, but as soon as he got back he returned it to High Sierra without being asked any questions or have any problems.

Where to get the best deal

The High Sierra Tech Series Titan 65 comes with three color options, Amazon (green), Auburn (brown) and Pacific (blue) and it retails for around $280, but right now you can get special deals on almost any online store. Most of these offers are around $150-$170, but after doing some digging, I found it on Amazon at a great price, a little over $100. Just click here (or the button below) to take a look.

And remember, if you own one, please drop us an email or a comment below and tell us about your experience with the Titan 65, I’m sure it will be helpful to everyone looking to buy one.

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