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We know that some brides might argue with us on this one, as their wedding day is all about them being spoiled, but you should not eat just anything before the wedding. You don’t want to end up bloated or with a huge stomach ache just as you are getting ready to walk down the aisle. We know that most of you have been preparing for this day since forever (seems like just yesterday you spotted your mom’s dress in the closet and dreamed about being a beautiful bride yourself), so why spoil everything when you are just one step away from your dream coming true?

Here is a list of foods that you should definitely avoid before the wedding.

Bride to be

1. Beans – This is a terrible thing to eat right before the wedding. Why? Because beans contain a special type of sugar that your body cannot digest. The reasons why beans give you gas is because the sugar reaches the large intestine and the bacteria tries to break it down. Maybe a light dish of chicken breast or fish is a better idea for a pre-wedding meal.

2. Junk food – Try to avoid anything that is in the range of hamburgers, hot dogs, fries, corn dogs or whatever you can buy which is prepared in less than 10 minutes. We know you love junk food, it’s our guilty pleasure as well. These foods are extremely hard to digest and you may end up with a tight stomach. Yes, pizza is considered junk food as well!

3. Too much salt – As you probably know by now, salt retains water in your body. On the big day, the last thing that you want is to end up feeling dehydrated because you can’t exactly stop the ceremony to take a sip of water. To avoid this uncomfortable feeling, limit the amount of salt you consume as much as possible.

4. Fizzy drinks – Pretty much every soda falls into this category, not to mention beer, sparkling water, wine or other types of carbonated drinks. The bubbles inside this beverages will have a huge impact on how your stomach acts on your wedding day, so make sure you avoid bloating and gas by checking these off your list.

5. Dairy – Of course, there are exceptions to this rule; not everyone is sensitive to dairy-based products. It causes bloating, gas and cramps to most people. Just to be safe, avoid consuming dairy products one week before the wedding. If you do feel the need to eat something that falls into this category, go for some light yogurt, which actually contains active cultures that can boost your metabolism for a better digestion.

6. Gluten-based products – Same as the above, gluten will not necessarily be bad for every organism, but it’s known for causing stomach problems, so why take the chance? You will be able to give your body the fibers that it needs by consuming a large bowl of whole cereal.

7. Gum – Yes, you probably have an addiction for gum because it keeps your breath fresh in situations where the toothbrush is not exactly an option. But you need to try and avoid chewing gum before and on the wedding day and opt for some mints instead. Gum causes gas because as you chew, you inhale a lot more air than you normally do. Besides, how does a bride look when chewing gum in front of her guests?

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