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A wonderful wedding is just around the corner. Your best friend or your college room-mate is getting married and you are on their guest list. Unfortunately, some people have no clue about that wedding etiquette that we keep talking about and find different ways to unwillingly ruin a wedding. If you want to avoid an embarrassing situation, here is what you must AVOID doing.

  1. Bringing other guests. Unless the invitation clearly specifies that you are allowed to bring a date, you cannot come to a wedding with another person. Maybe the couple just wanted to invite their close friends and family for an intimate wedding or maybe the salon has a small capacity and every seat was carefully planned. There may be a carefully planned budget that the couple wants to respect and an extra guest also means additional costs. If you feel uncomfortable attending the wedding alone, you can ask the future bride or groom if other single guests will be there. They may allow you to bring someone else or seat you next to other singles.
  2. Taking way too many photos. And by that we mean pulling out your phone every 5 minutes to take a photo. Of course, you are allowed to immortalize the key moments at the wedding or make a quick Facebook check-in, but if you spend 3 hours during a 6 hour wedding on the phone, that’s just rude. Besides, the couple hired a professional photographer for a reason.
  3. Talking during the ceremony. We’ve all seen romantic comedies where the best man starts making jokes in the middle of ceremony, but in real life, that’s not even remotely funny. As hilarious as it may sound, such a moment could very well ruin the wedding. And, trust me, the last thing you want to do is make a bride angry.
  4. Sticking your fingers into the cake. I know that this sounds like advice for a 3-year old, but, believe it or not, there are guests that actually do this. Aside from being absolutely disgusting, wedding cakes are expensive and should only be handled by 3 people: the caterer, the bride and the groom.
  5. Wearing white. Ladies, it is believed to be of bad luck to the bride if any other female guest wears white at a wedding. This is an absolute no-no in the wedding dress code and the bride should be the only woman in the center of attention. Besides, there are like hundreds of other colors to choose from.
  6. Hooking up at the wedding. Yes, wedding are a good opportunity to meet someone. There’s food, drinks and everyone’s looking their best. Well, don’t turn a wedding into another opportunity to get drunk. Nobody wants to see you making out with the bridesmaid’s or the groom’s brother in the middle of the dance floor. If you do feel that you’ve come across someone special at a wedding, try to be discreet about it. Ask him/her out for a coffee and get their phone number for further contact.
  7. Drinking way too much. I know that people drink at wedding. But I assume that you are mature and know when enough is enough. You don’t want to throw up, pass out or cause a scene during the reception. Know your limits and try to respect such boundaries.
  8. Leaving kids unattended. You know when you’re trying to enjoy a meal at a restaurant after a hard day’s work and you come across that one couple that’s just sipping their wine while their kids are running on a rampage in the restaurant, making tons of noise and disturbing everyone? Don’t be that parent. Don’t let your kids ruin the wedding for everyone else.


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