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If you are going on a holiday in Portugal then a visit to the Algarve is a must. Why? For three very good reasons: sun, golf and food. It’s the holy trinity of any trip to the Algarve.

The Algarve Portugal

Portugal’s southernmost province reaches an average temperature in September of 26 degrees (22 in October), and it is fast becoming one of the most popular destinations for holiday-makers that want to abandon the Autumn weather and head for warmer climes. Thanks to their popularity, cheap Algarve holidays can be found all over the internet or at your local travel agent. Most offer flights to Faro which can be reached in around three hours, followed by a forty-five minute drive to the best spots in the region.

The Algarve has some of the best golfing in Europe and has been a mecca for those keen to hit the links for over three decades. Spectacular scenery and beautiful coastlines provide a stunning backdrop to each lush, green hole and the warm weather usually means an uninterrupted round, even in October when most courses in the UK become unplayable. For the best golfing in the Algarve, head to the Jack Nicklaus signature course, the Monte Rei. Challenging and breathtaking in equal measure.

Marisqueria Rui, Algarve, Portugal - Golf and Dinner in The Algarve

Marisqueria Rui, Algarve, Portugal. Photo credit

Finishing the day off at a restaurant is a must. There is an abundance of classy establishments with quality food. The Algarve has some of the best traditional Portuguese fare in the country, ranging from the very expensive to the more reasonably priced and popular. You could try the Rui Marisqueira, well known throughout the Algarve for the past 30 years for serving delicious fresh sea-food. But if you are not on a budget or are celebrating a special occasion, head to the Bella Vita in the Clube Atlantico complex – you won’t be disappointed.

Golf Course Quinta do Lago, Algarve, Portugal - Golf and Dinner in The Algarve

Golf Course Quinta do Lago, Algarve, Portugal. Photo credit

Algarve Restaurant Portobay Falésia, Portugal - Golf and Dinner in The Algarve

Algarve Restaurant Portobay Falésia – Photo credit

Algarve Beach, Portugal - Golf and Dinner in The Algarve

Algarve Beach, Portugal. Photo credit

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