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Why do people have an affinity for Portugal? Well, drinking a good wine while enjoying the sunset from a restaurant in Porto is not exactly the worst idea ever.

Back in 2013 and also in 2014, World Travel Awards has selected Madeira as the top “Europe’s Leading Island Destination“, becoming the center of attention of most honeymooners all over the world. But what makes Madeira so special?

Madeira 4
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Madeira’s history
Located nearly 1.000 km away from the south-western coast of Portugal, Madeira was discovered in 1419 by native explorers, becoming the first island colonized by the Portuguese. In our days, Madeira is a very popular holiday resort, attracting millions of tourists each year.

What to visit
The natural resources and the flora and fauna of the island are its key attraction elements. The rocky cliffs that seem to dive into the sea, the green woods, the waterfalls, the volcano remains are just some examples of what makes Madeira such a beautiful and romantic place. ⅔ of its entire surface is actually a UNESCO heritage. It makes the perfect choice for honeymooners from all around the world, people that want to practice surfing, yachting, mountain bike rides, mountain climbing, deltaplan rides and many more.

If you are not into these activities, Madeira is also the perfect holiday resort. In the past few years, the hotel infrastructure has developed rapidly, so you can find a perfect vacant spot with services that suit your needs. You will also discover restaurant with international cuisine and get to experiment some of the tastiest dishes in the world. The high number of botanical garden will provide amazing strolls and relaxation for all those who love being in the middle of nature.

How to get there
If you want to reach Madeira by plane, know that the local airport is named Funchal, located in the city with the same name. Flights to the island are generally made with a connection in Lisbon or Porto. If you are flying from one of the major cities of Europe, chances are you could book a direct flight. Companies that provide flights to Madeira for Europeans mostly are TAP Portugal, Air Berlin or Austrian Airline.

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Madeira Beach
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Porto Moniz - Madeira
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