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The love of your life has proposed marriage to you in the summer and now, you are engaged to be married. To share the news of your engagement with your family and friends, you can throw an engagement party. You can plan your engagement party with your fiancé but what he cannot help you with is choosing an engagement party dress.

For that, you need to go shopping with your maid of honor for engagement party dresses. You should start flipping fashion magazines and going from store to store to find an elegant engagement party dress to flaunt at your engagement party.

Our style guide for dresses to wear at an engagement party is just not for brides-to-be, but also for guests invited to the engagement party. Before we reveal a few fashionable dresses that you can wear, let’s tell you more about what takes place at an engagement party.

What Happens at an Engagement Party?

You can host a traditional cocktail party, formal dinner, drinks in the afternoon, and barbeques. Once you have selected the type of engagement party you want to throw, you can move on to deciding the venue, menu, guest list, and most importantly, your dress.

Regardless of the theme you select for your engagement party, you and your guests will have a lot of fun. Moreover, you can have an intimate affair, only inviting people you are closest to or you can go all out and invite a lot of people.

Do not arrive fashionably late to your own event. You need to be present at the venue with your fiancé to greet each guest as they arrive and thank them when they leave. The engagement party should go on for a couple of hours due to the scheduled speeches, dancing, and dinner and dessert.

You should try to talk to each guest even if it is for a few minutes. Once the engagement party gets in full swing, you will have a blast. If you want to keep the party going, you can tell them the people closest to you to stay back.

Before you can enjoy your engagement party, you need to pick the dress you will wear to party in.

6 Engagement Party Dresses for the Summer

This list is to give you an idea of the type of dresses you can wear at your engagement party. Use them as inspiration to find an engagement dress that closely matches them. Here is a list of party dresses you can wear at your engagement party that you are hosting in the summer:

1. Ruffled, Short, and Floral Dress

You can rock this look at your engagement party. This peachy colored dress features layered ruffles at the neckline. It is off shoulder from one shoulder with a long-ruffled sleeve that hangs down from one shoulder. The dress has beautiful florals with a yellow trim on the ruffles and hemline. You can leave your hair open and put it on one side, preferably the side which has the sleeve. You can wear heels with it.

2. Pleated Dress with Tie Belt

Do you want a summery summer or vibrant summer? You can wear the color of summer and wear a yellow pleated dress with a tie belt or you can wear a fiery color and wear a red pleated dress with a tie belt. The dress has a round halter neck with small pleats and a tie belt that cinches at the waist. You wear your hair up and pair it with an oversized floppy sun hat and wedges.

3. White Lace Strapless Mini Dress

You can wear a white lace strapless mini dress. The dress features an A-line shape with intricate details on it. You can leave your hair open or closed. Since it is a strapless dress, you can wear either huge earrings or a necklace, but not both. As for shoes, both wedges and heels will look good with it. You can wear vibrant accessories for a pop of color because your dress is white.

4. Textured Blue Satin Wrap Ruffle Dress

It is your engagement party and through your dress, you need to tell people that you are the host. What better way to stand out and look the part than by wearing a stunning electric blue engagement dress? A long-sleeve wrap dress has a wrap in the front and belt that you can tie into a bow.

You can keep your hair down and wear wedges with it. It also has an asymmetric ruffle hem. You can wear this dress to your engagement party and save it to wear to other events because you will want to stand out from the crowd more than once.

5. Pastel Pink Embroidered Lace Midi Dress

The dress’s lovely pastel pink color gives it a delicate look. The lace embroidered midi engagement dress features an A-line skater design, V-neckline, mesh skirt, and midi length. You should wear ballet flats with this dress due to its cute, fairytale-themed look. Imagine Tinker Bell’s dress but better. You can wear your hair up in a bun and wear small accessories.

6. Embellished Gold Mini Dress

You can wear this embellished gold mini dress if you are hosting your engagement party in the summer in the evening. The beaded and embroidered dress features a frilled hem and a low back. You can wear a necklace with a chain that hangs from the back, give yourself either a sleek hairstyle or open your hair and wear heels with it. You should wear statement earrings with it.

If you are planning to throw an engagement party to celebrate your engagement to the love of your life or you will be attending one soon, you have a lot of options to choose from. Go and search for elegant engagement party dresses that are perfect to wear in the summer.

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