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Dremel Wood Carving for Beginners

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Even though wood carving has been around for a long time, most people are now starting to take it up as an enjoyable and relaxing hobby. If you too are interested in wood carving but have no idea where to start, there is no need to worry.

Wood carving is not that difficult if you have the right tools. One of the best wood carving tools for beginners is the Dremel rotary tool. Again, you will need to learn how to use the Dremel rotary tool for carving wood.

This guide on Dremel wood carving for beginners can help you to master the art of this wonderful and fun hobby.

What Do You Need for Wood Carving?

You will need wood and a Dremel tool to carve it into artwork. You can buy several different accessories and attachments for carving, but most of them already come with the toolkit. If you need an accessory or attachment for wood carving that does not come with the toolkit, buy them separately.

The various attachments in the toolkit are called bits. The bit you choose to outfit your tool with depends on how fast you want to take off the wood, how much wood you want to take off, and how smooth you want the wood to be.

Dremel bits come in a variety of different shapes. The shape of the bit determines the contour of the cut. Use a larger bit for a rough area of the wood and a smaller bit for creating details in the wood. Usually, you will use a flame, ball, pear, and cylinder-shaped bits. Your first wood carving toolkit should include the following:

  • Small carbide point bits, such as a fine ball, coarse ball, fine ball, and coarse flame
  • Regular diamond bits or ruby bits, such as a safe-end tapered, pear, small flame, medium flame, and small tapered
  • Cushioned sanding drums, both large and small, and sandpaper
  • A soft bristle brush and a defuzzing pad

The more you use the bit, the better you will get. The next step is to choose the wood you want for carving.

How to Select a Wood for Carving

Hardwood is not a good beginner wood. Instead, practice carving on softwood. Once you have perfected your carving technique, practice on hardwood. For now, get a clean wood without knots or growth rings. It will be difficult for you to work on wood with knots and growth rings.

What do you want to carve? Before you start carving, make sure you have a design in mind. Use a marker or pencil to draw your design before carving. Draw a rough design and then later, add the details. You do not have to follow the lines to the tee because it is just a rough cut.

Ensure that you remove chunks as you carve. Use a cutting blade to round the corners and take off the sharp edges. Now, add the details using your carving tool. Try all the Dremel attachments for wood carving to learn which one you need to use.

Using all of them will also help you identify your favorite one. Use your sanding attachment to sand larger areas of the wood, followed by a coarse grit sandpaper to take off and smooth out all the rough areas.

Being Patient is Key

You will not become a master woodcarver in just one day. You cannot expect to finish the job the same day you start either. Do not hurry, but take your time carving the wood. Enjoy each step of the wood carving process and most importantly, be patient.

When you finally finish your wood carving project, the days, weeks, or months it took to get there will be worth it. For your very first wood carving project, it is pertinent that you wait. Another key thing you need to remember is safety.

Always Have a Safe Wood Carving Experience

Gloves protect you from small pieces of wood that can jump in your hands as you work. You also need to protect your eyes by wearing safety glasses. Safety glasses ensure wood chips do not enter your eyes. A dust mask is also an important safety measure you need to take because it prevents you from inhaling the dust.

Even though the Dremel tool for wood carving is not too loud, you are still advised to wear protective headphones.

Some Dremel Accessories Suggestions

You can use the following Dremel accessories for wood carving:

  • 7.8 mm high speed cutter
  • 7.2 mm high speed cutter
  • 4.8 mm high speed cutter
  • 2.4 mm engraving cutter
  • 3.2 mm tungsten carbide cutter ball

Quick Advice

Your work area needs to have enough lighting. Ensure you can see what you are doing, as not seeing the wood properly before you can lead to errors and increase the risk of injury. Get in the habit of preparing your drawing for wood carving beforehand to save time and avoid mistakes.

You can use a flex shaft attachment to avoid holding the Dremel tool in your hands the entire time. This attachment is also useful when you are adding details to the wood. When you complete your wood carving project, inspect to see if you have any pencil lines that need erasing.

Clean your work station to remove the dust using any brush. Sand the rough edges and protect your wood carving design. To protect it, you can paint a layer of varnish, urethane, oil finish, shellac, or wax. You can even paint it. Make sure to store it in a safe place or display it in your home for your loved ones to admire.

Do not expect to become a pro at using the Dremel wood carving tool overnight. It will take a lot of time and practice for you to enhance your skills. Gradually, you can move on to carving complex designs. You can gift your creations to your loved ones as well.


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