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In order to be appreciated as a photographer, you may sometimes be tempted to do your work as your clients want you to. Truth of the matter is, you are a professional and you should be able to do things your way because you have experience and are ready the face the schedule and the challenges of a wedding day. Here are a couple of things that could go wrong for you:

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1. Not setting up the schedule for the Wedding Day
You should talk with your client before making the final touches regarding the schedule of the wedding day. There are so many things you should take into consideration, especially about photography and the natural aspect of light. During certain periods of the day people are more photogenic. For example, at noon the sun casts unequal shadows while the late afternoon sun casts a nice and warm glow on everything.

2. Not staying attached to the schedule
As a photographer you need to pay respect and attention to the schedule that you and the couple discussed prior to the wedding. Being one hour late can make a huge difference for your shots. Don’t assume it’ll take only 10 minutes! It’s actually best if you would arrive earlier.

3. Letting amateur photographers take photos
In the photography business, there is a name for the relative or guest who will show up with high-end photo equipment and will take unofficial photos. He’s called Uncle Bob. While Uncle Bob thinks he’s doing you a huge favor by taking shots of the bride and groom, he actually gets in your way and you’ll miss some perfect shots. Instruct your client to tell him to enjoy the wedding without his camera.

4. Asking the couple how they like to look in the photos
It’s extremely subjective. You can ask the couple to send photos of what they like and of what they don’t prior to the wedding. This way, you can get an idea of what they are into as far as wedding photos are concerned.

5. Focusing too much on the shots
As a good photographer you should be able to capture the story of wedding day, while also seizing some artistic photos, without taking too much time from the couple to spend with their loved ones.

6. Dressing inappropriately
No matter how talented you are, it’s not ok to be wearing shorts or sleeveless shirts at weddings. This doesn’t mean you have to be wearing a suit as it’s clear you have to be comfortable, but try not to stand out and resume to neutral colors (white, black, beige, gray).

7. Not asking for help to organize the guests
Ask your clients to choose someone that they trust who can be in charge of organizing the guests for a photo shoot. That person will gather the guests, direct them towards the shots they will appear in and then tell them when they can go enjoy the party. It’ll keep things quick, smooth and enjoyable for everyone.

8. Trying to get that “perfect” shot
Maybe you’ll end up with a piece of cake on your face or maybe you’ll miss some small detail. Go with the flow, have fun, and keep on smiling. Have fun!

9. Not shooting the “first look”
Taking the bride and groom photos before the ceremony is better than rushing the couple portraits afterwards. Most ceremonies will run a little late so you’ll end up hurrying to get to the wedding venue.

10. Making a pose
All good photographers offer directions for good reasons. Getting the best shots from the day are the perks of the job. Relax, act naturally and live the moment. The photos will turn out wonderful!

11. Not asking for a list of “don’t take” photos
Get to know before the day of the wedding if there are photos the client doesn’t like being taken. It can be anything from photos where they are not smiling to angles they don’t like because of how weird their nose looks. It kills your creativity when the couple starts spilling their feelings when you’re feeling the vibe.

12. Falling for trendy photo shoots
Brides fall many times for the trendy photo sessions. You must make sure they understand that it is very important that these images resist the passage of time and are valued by all generation to come. Trends are fun in the moment, but they rarely last!

13. Forget the all-important details
Take a moment to think about what elements are important to show up in photos for your client. Did the best man or the first maid made some special wedding gifts or favors? Make a photo of an invitation. Keep an eye out for those special elements, it’ll be worth it.

14. Not smiling
Tell the guests to always look up and offer a smile, especially when walking down the isle. If it happens that they are nervous and they don’t feel comfortable with smiling, advise them that they should at least keep their head up and look in the distance. This will help keep their faces from forming that evil double chinned look, which usually happens when people stare downwards while walking!

15. Showing the pictures during the wedding
No, no, no, no, NO. It’s distracting the guests and they’ll also start stressing you with requests – especially the ladies (“delete that photo, I don’t like how I look in it, take another one of me” etc).

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