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Today, we are going to give you the step-by-step process required to create your own rustic wedding centerpieces. This one is made with chicken wire and birch logs.

First of all, you hold a half-inch chicken wire, which can also be called “spiral netting”. You can purchase it in large rolls. The good part is that even if you live in a smaller town and have a hard time finding this roll in your stores, you can order one by clicking here. You can save 20% if you purchase now and benefit from free shipping.

The first step is cutting a piece of chicken wire, as shown in the image below. You then have to make a roll out of the piece you just cut. The thing is, you need to use the birch wood disk as a base. So, the first step in creating the rustic wedding centerpieces is measuring around your base so that you get this circle at the bottom. Basically, you create a cylinder from the chicken wire piece and it has to bit on the birch wood disk. Use your fingers to hold it together in a circle shape.

Rustic Wedding Centerpieces

Hold your finger to the top so you know where to cut it. Then, trim off the excess chicken wire so that you have enough left to recreate the cylinder. To trim it off, you can use a wire cutter. If you don’t have one, you can get one really cheap here.

You have to be really careful when you are working with chicken wire. It’s really easy to get cut in the sharp pieces of wire. If possible, protect your hands by using garden gloves (can find some by clicking here).

Once you’re done cutting, you should be left with 2 straight ends. In order to connect them, you now have to take 1 end and insert the end pieces of your chicken wire by weaving it through the other side.

Rustic Wedding Centerpieces 2

Using regular pliers, you take any end wires you see from the end put underneath and wrap it around the other side’s hexagon shape. You’re basically using the pliers as a hand and grabbing it, twisting it over and then using the pliers to squeeze it, crimp it. In the end, you’re trying to avoid having exposed edges. You may take pride in having created your own rustic wedding centerpieces, but let’s not cut our fingers when moving them around.

Rustic Wedding Centerpieces 3

You’re going to go all the way down until you get to the bottom. On the roll of chicken wire that you have, there’s a piece of wire on both ends of it. So, you want to make sure that piece of wire is as the base of the cylinder. What you want to do with that last piece of wire is wrap it around the rest of the cylinder. Use your pliers to twist them together. In the end, you should have a cylinder made of chicken wire which is pretty tightly secured thanks to all your twisting.

What you want to do with this tube is create a close, which is going to have basically the same shape as a dumb bell. At this point, you are going to fold in the top area of your cylinder, working around the edge.

Rustic Wedding Centerpieces 4

You can put your arm inside, so that it’s easier for you to have a good grasp on the wire. You can use your “inside” hand to create that dome shape. You’re molding it by using a fist. You can connect some of those wires at the top, like you did going up that side. Using the pliers, you can fold over any loose ends you see and connect them to another piece of wire. Even if you bend just a few of them, the dome should hold in place.

Now, we’re going to show you how to make a custom pot to place under your dome. As far as the plant that you choose, it’s really up to your own tastes. You can pick pretty much any potted plant, flower, herb or small tree, just as long as it fits under the dome you just created. Here are some suggestions for potted plants that would go great with rustic wedding centerpieces:

When you order these small potted plants, they generally come in a plastic pot and are generally easy to remove. You can use the kitchen plant to temporarily place the plant and soil in. Now it’s time to make the pot look rustic as well. You need some jute rope. It has this rustic look and feel to it. You can find some here.

All you need to is glue it around the pot. We recommend you use a glue gun (here’s one) because it’s more reliable and efficient. You can start at the bottom of the pot, apply a bit of glue and then start wrapping the rope around the pot. Basically, what you’re doing is taking a dull and cheap plastic pot and turning it into an item worthy of rustic wedding centerpieces. In the end, you should have something that looks like this:

Rustic Wedding Centerpieces 5

You can reinsert your plant into the pot and move to the last part. You now have a completed pot, a dome made out of chicken wire and a birch log base. Just assemble these 3 together and you have your own rustic wedding centerpieces.


You can create these rustic wedding centerpieces in a variety of shapes and sizes and place them on each wedding table.

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