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A few years ago, wedding favors were a trend that everyone went hysterical over, but today, the delicious and colorful candy bar is that thing that everyone wants to have at their wedding. Here are some ideas that will help you get started on making your own candy bar, since this is an option known to cost quite a great deal of money and not everyone will be able to afford it.

1. Do it pink. It’s a color that rarely goes out of style and it seems to make candy look even more delicious. Using white plates, you can start decorating the candy bar with almonds and raisins covered in white chocolate, white and pink fondants, homemade cupcakes decorated with white and pink frosting. You can also make some white cookies and then decorate them with pink sprinkles. These are all really easy to make and they can be a wedding gift from a friend who is good with baking.


 2. Playful and cartoonish. Cartoons never go out of style and they’re something that everyone will feast their eyes upon. Choosing old cartoons as a theme for your candy bar will remind your guests of the happy parts of their childhood.  If you’re a fan of brown and vintage style with modern accents, this candy bar is the ideal choice for you. You can buy or order stickers with cakes and cookies that are decorated in a funny matter, you can use the white plates of your own kitchen and a few transparent bowls. Serve your guests with nuts (either simple or covered in caramel), chocolate candy and chocolate raising. Also buy green candy, they go great with the other brown colors you used. Don’t forget about marshmallows. All these sweets can be purchased without spending a fortune.


3. The rainbow candy bar. Why not put together a candy bar which is super colorful and a creativ design? Buy candy with exotic tastes (orange, mango, papaya, licorice, maracuja) and nuts, peanuts and fruits covered in dark chocolate. You can use transparent bowls filled with M&M or Skittles. If you have a friend who is good at baking, ask them to make small cakes, each one in a different color. Artificial coloring for foods is cheap and easy to find. Decorate the table with all kinds of small toys, like the ones you find in Kinder Eggs.

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