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Longboarding is an exciting sport that has gained popularity in a short period of time. With a longboard, you can cruise, carve, downhill, free ride, and freestyle.

When you look for a longboard in the market, you will come across various shapes and sizes. Opt for the one that best suits your riding style. Also, make sure to get a longboard deck, which determines how well the longboard will perform.

Here, we have categorized longboards by the shape of the longboard deck. Here are the different types of longboards you can buy for yourself:

Downhill Longboards

Longboard for Downhill Riding

Downhill longboards are an ideal option for downhill riding.

They are made from high quality material and can endure all types of terrain. One issue you may encounter with these longboards is speed wobbling. You will not face this problem if you invest in a good quality downhill longboard.

The downhill’s defined rear and fronts allow you to move in your desired direction every time. You can easily move down the hill as well as straight down.

Drop Through Longboards

painted drop through longboard.

Image Title: Drop Through Longboard

Alt Image Title: Painted Drop Through Longboard

Image Description: Backside of a painted a drop through longboard.

Drop through longboards are for riders who like to freestyle. It offers you increased stability to ensure you ride safely. Even though it gives you a safe riding experience, do not ride the drop through longboard without a premium quality helmet, arm pads, wrist pads, and knee pads.

Carving Longboards

A man performing a trick on a carving longboard.

Carving longboards are difficult to use, but easy to master if you practice every day. The more you practice, the better you will get riding past obstacles smoothly and easily. Do not purchase a carving longboard from an unknown seller, but only from a reputable manufacturer. The carving longboard sports a unique shape, ensuring you can turn one direction to another direction in an efficient manner.

Cruising Longboards

An orange and green cruising longboard.

Cruising longboards allow you to ride to the mall or a nearby store with ease. If you need to navigate crowded places, you can ride the cruising longboard. They also have wide decks and trucks as compared to other longboards, which makes life easier and ensures excellent stability. If you want to learn longboarding or have children who want to master this riding technique, the cruising longboard is a good longboard for beginners.

Bamboo Longboards

A Bamboo longboard on a cement floor.

Bamboo longboards are light and flexible. Most people love to ride these lightweight longboards because they are easy to carry around to picnics, camping trips, beach, and more. If you live an organic lifestyle, these are made from bamboo, thus making them 100% sustainable. Always invest in a high quality bamboo longboard for yourself. You can perform several tricks on it.

The only downside to buying a bamboo longboard is that it is hard to replace its wheels. Since these longboards are more affordable than other longboards, people who go for these tend to overlook this issue.

Pintail Longboards

Close up of a pintail longboard.

Pintail longboards have a wide base center and sharp tail and nose. For directional riding, they come highly recommended because they can improve your balance. You can make sharp turns on it, thanks to its sharper taper, which improves its turning radius and enables the wheels to make sharp turns. The longboards have carved out wheels that decrease the risk of wheel bite.

Fishtail Longboards

A woman holding her fishtail longboard above her head.A woman holding her fishtail longboard above her head.

Fishtail longboards look like pintail longboards because they too have a wide base center and a sharp nose. However, they do not have a sharp tail, but a split tail. If you lean more towards a classic surf style, this is perfect for you because you can make sharp turns and go on a long ride.

Blunt Longboards

Man performing a trick on a blunt longboard.

Blunt longboards are a great option for beginners. These longboards offer increased stability. They have a wide round nose and tail, which is responsible for offering the rider more stability. The downside to owning these longboards is that they are not suitable for professional longboard riders because it is difficult to mark sharp turns on them. However, they are great for those learning basic longboard techniques.

Mini Cruiser Short Longboards

Back of a mini cruiser short longboards on wooden floor.

Mini cruiser short longboards measure 33 inches or less and are only recommended for professional longboard riders, not beginners. They offer increased speed and more turning because of the short length of the board.

You will find it difficult to ride this longboard if you are a beginner because it offers less stability than blunt longboards. You should only buy this longboard once you have mastered the basic skills of riding beginner longboards.

Twin Longboards

A man on his twin longboard.

Twin longboards have been around since the 90s. Riders use them for multi-directional skating. They have wider sides in comparison to the twin skateboards. If you enjoy freestyling, you will like this longboard because it offers improved stability, which allows you to learn new riding techniques. If you want to get a twin longboard for yourself, ensure that it has large and soft wheels because it can help you to perform various tricks easily and more smoothly.

Cut Out Longboards

Picture of two cut out longboards.

Cut out longboards have the most wheel clearance in comparison to other types of longboards in the market. Since they are bi-directional, they allow riders to ride regularly or switch directions with ease. They have drop through tricks to lower the longboard. This results in increased stability when riding at high speeds. Use these longboards to freestyle, freeriding, and downhill riding style.

Drop Down Longboards

A man performing a trick on a drop down longboard.

Drop down longboards feature a lower deck and nose that increases stability and helps the rider have a more comfortable riding experience.

Speed Board Longboards

A person riding a speed board longboard on the street.

Speed board longboards offer increased speed and stability.

These are all the different types of longboards that you will find in the market. You can choose one, depending on your riding style and experience.

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