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Bride and Groom in Paris before the Eiffel Tower

Are you having a destination wedding? If you are going to another country and your guests are following you there, you need to be extra nice to them by giving them wedding gift bags. They are coming to your wedding on their expense, so the least you can do is to get them a meaningful wedding gift bag, thanking them for flying out to attend your big day.

Even though we do not know what destination you will choose for your wedding, we can still provide you with popular wedding destinations to choose from along with the wedding gift bag you should have according to it. Here is a list of wedding destinations and the wedding gifts you can give to your guests who attend your special day:

1. Mexico

What does Mexico have? The country has beaches, tequila, and sunrises. You can have your destination wedding in the country. You can give your guests who have to be a part of your big day a small bottle of tequila.

You can decorate the bottle of tequila with bow ties and a “thank you” card. If you want, you can even pair the bottle of tequila with a shot glass. For an exotic destination like Mexico, a bottle of tequila with a shot glass is the perfect gift to add to the wedding bag. Your guests when they open the tequila and pour it in the shot glass will recall your wedding and the memories they created alongside you.

2. Nashville, Tennessee

Do not want to go to another country? You do not have to fly out your wedding party to another country when you can have your wedding in another state, given you do not live there, already. Nashville, Tennessee is a great wedding destination.

What wedding gift bag should you give your guests who have tojoin you in Nashville? You can put a small bottle of whiskey with a classic version of a glass Coca Cola bottle. You can add postcard in the wedding bag as well and if you want, some chocolates or any other delicious and popular southern food. You can add a trim to the brown paper bag and a rustic “thank you” tag.

3. Italy

You can have a grand or intimate wedding in Firenze, Venice, or Rome, Italy. You should opt for an Italy inspired wedding gift bag. You can be as creative as you want to be with them. Some items you can add to the wedding bag include sparkling mineral water, a “Speak Italian” boo, and a Nutella & Go snack.

You can even add sparkling wine or pizza herbs. Your guests are traveling all the way to Italy, so they deserve to return to their country with a piece of Italy with them. Make your wedding bag as Italian as you can make it.

4. Paris, France

If you want a romantic wedding destination, Paris, France is it. You can take your wedding party to attend your wedding in Paris. In the gift bag, you can add decadent chocolate, postcard, key chain of the Eiffel Tower, or anything that you think would remind them of their trip to Paris.

If you want to have your wedding reception in the park, your gift bag will include cheese, champagne, and baguette. The theme of your wedding as well as the destination in this case Italy will reflect what you put into your gift bag.

5. Jamaica

Not many couples choose Jamaica as their wedding destination, but trust us, that it is a fabulous location to get married. Moreover, most of your guests may have never been to the country, so your wedding will give them a reason to visit and explore it.

You can pack the gift bag with several popular edible items of the country such as banana chips, rum cake, coffee roasters, and beer. You can even add a CD with popular Jamaican hits, tanning oils, tourism magazines, and a luggage tag. Your guests will be glad they came to your wedding after receiving the gift bag.

6. India

Several celebs have ventured to India to get married, so why not you? You can take your wedding party to India. Yes, it will be a long flight, but it will be worth it when you experience the beauty of the country. When it comes to the type of wedding gifts that you can add to your wedding gift bags, you will have lots of different choices to choose from.

Some of the things you can include in the gift bag are colorful spices, scented candles, henna kit, bangles, bracelets, elephant sculpture, Taj Mahal sculpture, key chain, post card, and more. You can even give the women attending your wedding a traditional sari to wear. You can give the men a scarf.

7. Las Vegas, Nevada

Another popular wedding destination within the United States is Las Vegas, Nevada. When you make the wedding gift bag, you can include feather boas, casino chips cards, lighters, shot glasses, dice, postcards, koozies, and more.

Your guests will have the time of their life and may even stay a few days longer after your wedding to enjoy the casinos and other tourist destinations in the city that attracts so many people each year. If you want, you can even have an Elvis Presley impersonator at your wedding.

You can pick another destination for your wedding that is not on this list. You can select another country or city to have your wedding. You have to think of what to include in your wedding gift bags as soon as you confirm your wedding destination. You need to start thinking of the different things you can put in the gift bag to give to your guests who came from a different city, state, or even country to attend your wedding.

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