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Creative Gift Ideas for Your Sister-in-law

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Whether it’s the holiday season or someone’s birthday, it can be quite a challenge looking for the “perfect” gift. I mean, you can hand your sister a gift card to H&M and a slice of cheesecake and she’ll still be happy, but it’s those external relationships (such as your in-laws) where you need to put a little more thought into the presents you give.

Luckily, we’ve put together a list of gift ideas for your sister-in-law that are perfect for any celebration.

Tea Set

Close-up of Black Teapot

If your sister-in-law loves a cup of tea and has more tea than actual, then she’s made your decision easier. Now we’re not talking about those old-school china sets. Tea sets can be super creative and thoughtful presents. You can get those Japanese-inspired sets that have a kettle with a candle stand and a set of small cups, perfect for a little bit of spiced oolong tea.

If your sister-in-law has plenty of tea sets already, you can gift her some actual tea. You can find specialized tea boxes at online stores, possibly on Etsy and even certain tea stores. These packages provide a variety of loose-leaf blends and materials to make your own custom tea bags. You can mix and match flavors and create your own new blend. Perfect for a tea lover!

Personal Care Gift Box

Spa Treatment Set

If your sister-in-law is a working woman with barely any time to herself the entire week, she can definitely use a personal care package over the weekend. Fill up a basket with all the essentials: A Korean skin care package (if you’re really looking to splurge, you can get the entire 10-step package), a bath bomb in her favorite scent, massage oils, scented candles and a mani-pedi kit. With a gift set like that, she’ll be looking forward to the weekend so she can have a special spa day at home.

If you really love her and have enough money saved up for an even more incredible present, you can give her a gift certificate to the spa. Look for a luxury spa with great packages so she won’t have to put in any effort and can just lie down on the massage table and relax.

A Mystery Room Pass

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If your sister-in-law is a huge Agatha Christie or Dan Brown fan and loves any kind of mystery novel, mystery room pass is perfect. Get a pass for an entire group so she can take her friends or her family with her. If she chooses to take you along, treat her to a fancy lunch before you put on your detective cap and bring out your spy glass.


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They say you can never really go wrong with jewelry, but it’s also the most common kind of present. If you’re really going the generic route, at least add your own creative spin on it. Find out what kind of jewelry she likes, if she has a favorite animal or flower and customize the accessories you find for her.

An engraved bracelet, a wolf pendant (or whichever animal she likes) or amethyst earrings (if that is her favorite stone) will make for a great personalized gift.

Customized Home Accessory

White, Green, and Brown Throw Pillow

If you and your sister-in-law are close, you’ve probably spent a few hours every now and then over a cup of coffee and a bit of gossip. If she has a new showpiece, couch pillows or candles every time you visit, then clearly she’s been watching too much of the Home Shopping Network. Clearly, a visit to Ikea or the Pottery Barn is one of her favorite hobbies. Find out what colors and styles she likes and you’ll have so much to choose from. You can get her customized silk sheets, embellished cushion covers, a new centerpiece for her dining table or an antique chair. Just remember, all these gifts will probably not be cheap and you’ll have to keep a bigger budget in mind, especially if you give her an antique.

Take Her to a Cheese Tasting

Close-up of Wine And Fruits

If you and your sister-in-law share a love for food, you can take her to a cheese tasting. Put on your fanciest dresses, bring out your favorite sun hats and enjoy a day filled with gourmet cheeses, from Camembert to Brie to Stilton. It’ll be the perfect time for the two of you to bond and try some interesting new types of cheese. It will be like your very own episode of MasterChef.

Every Gift is Perfect

No matter what gift you end up giving, as long as it’s something personal and something you know she likes, it will be perfect. Even an ordinary gift can become extra special if you add a customized, personal touch to it.


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