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Today’s vendor spotlight features Stephanie, owner and photographer at Stephanie Stanyard Photography. We’ve interviewed Stephanie to get an insight on what wedding photography looks like on the other side of the camera.

Question: Many thanks for agreeing to do this interview with us. First of all, please let our brides know what are the duties of a wedding photographer and what you, as a wedding photographer yourself, can do for a bride.

A: In addition to taking photographs before, during and after the wedding we are also responsible for composing the shots and processing the images, often on our own equipment. Wedding photographers must assess customer expectations, usually by discussing their wedding photo needs before the big event. On the wedding day, we must capture high quality images in an environment that is often hectic and in most cases, where flash is not prohibited.

We must also run our own business by preparing contracts, drumming up business and staying abreast of the latest industry trends. Photo editing, developing and delivery comprise a large part of the wedding photographer’s job duties.

I can offer a smooth and relaxed journey for you from the very first consultation all the way till the first dance on the big day. I will make sure you are comfortable with my and ensure any images you requested will be taken. I will direct you and your groom, even if you are camera shy, I will also take candid shots too and make sure you have posed and natural images to keep forever.

Q: What made you choose this career path?

A: I have always had a huge passion for photography ever since I was little. I probable take after my Dad as he is also into photography. Even when I haven’t got a camera in my hand I am constantly looking at things to photograph! It was when my Husband and I got married that I started my photography business as he bought me my first DSLR.

Q: How long have you been in the business?

A: I started my photography business in summer 2012. It’s been amazing meeting new people and sharing their memories with them.

Q: What is you biggest challenge?

A: Marketing and advertising, there’s so much work involved and not many people realize it. Booking new clients can sometimes be hard work but it definitely pays off and word of mouth is by far the best advertising in my opinion.

Q; Have you ever dealt with what everyone calls a “bridezilla”? How did that turn out for you?

A: Not really. I have brides who get very nervous and once the hairdresser was late and the bride couldn’t get hold of her so understandably the bride was very anxious. After all it’s the biggest day of a brides life getting married so it should go smoothly.

Q: How do you convince brides they need you as their wedding photographer? 

A: I don’t need to convince them. It’s a matter of falling in love with my work, I am to have my images speak for themselves.

Q: And what exactly do you do on the wedding day?

A: The night before and also the morning before the wedding I double check all my equipment. All my lenses and cameras should be in tip top shape and free from dust. spare batteries and spare memory cards all accounted for.

Once I set off I will stop at the shop and pick up 2 bottles of orange lucozade and a giant bag of cheesy wot-sits to drink and eat on the way to the venue (this is a must for energy!) then I will have my music playing in the car whilst singing, I feel good after singing so I am then ready for the day.

Q: What have you found from your own experience, what freaks out brides the most when it comes to planning their own wedding?

A: From personal experience, I would say suppliers being late or not showing up. It’s a great fear and I have heard once that a caterer didn’t show up so the best man went to the chip shop and bought tons of fish and chips!

Q: Describe an emotional moment that you had while being hired to work at a wedding.

A: I get emotional at EVERY wedding I shoot. I am married so I know how it feels, walking down the aisle to the person you want to spend your life with, its so special to see it.

Q: What should brides look for in a wedding photographer?

A: Every bride has a different taste so I would say book the wedding photographer you love the work of.

Q: One last piece of advice for our readers?

A: Never book a photographer because they are cheap. Lots of people tend to cut their budget on the photos. My advice on this is to make sure you have a good budget for the wedding photographer. The images will last forever where as nothing else will so make sure you get it right.

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