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Picture of Newly Married Couple with Parents

As the mother’s bride, the guests, from both the bride and groom sides, will come up to you to congratulate you on the marriage of your daughter.

You cannot blend in the crowd. You need to look the part of a bride’s mother. You will be seated in the front row, so all eyes will be on you as well, especially when your daughter comes out, as it is natural for people to look at the reaction of the mother.

The photographer and videographer at the wedding will focus on you more than other guests as well. They will capture your reaction to your daughter coming down the aisle and then saying, “I do.” Therefore, getting your dress right is crucial. To help you, here are some tips for buying the perfect casual mother of the bride dress:

1. Select the Color of Your Dress Carefully

You do not want to select a color of your dress that clashes with the color of the bridesmaid dresses. Instead, select a color similar to their dresses. Some colors that you may consider include pastel shades, such as mint and pale blue because they are elegant and flattering. You can pair the dress with statement jewelry and accessories.

2. Do Not Wear Patterns or Overly Loud Colors

The reason why you should not wear patterns or colors that are too loud because you will look extremely prominent in all the pictures you take with the couple. You do not want to steal the attention from your daughter by standing out for all the wrong reasons. Wear solid and subtle colors. If the dress has detailing or a small pattern that will not be as noticeable in pictures and videos, it is safe to wear it.

3. Your Choice of Dress Needs to be Appropriate to Venue and Weather

Is your daughter having her wedding at a traditional church in the winter? If so, wear a coat dress. If your daughter is having a casual wedding, look for a casual mother of the bride dress. If your daughter is having her wedding during one of the hottest months or at a humid destination, do not buy a tailored dress but opt for a lightweight shantung or silk chiffon. You will be moving around the venue, ensuring everything is set. If you are wearing a traditional outfit, it may trap heat and make you uncomfortable. You don’t want to regret your choice of dress.

4. Talk to Other People at the Wedding Party

Traditionally, the bride’s mother comes second to the bride and the groom’s mother defers to them. Therefore, inform the people close to the bride and groom’s sides in advance what you will be wearing on the day of the wedding, so they can adjust around you. You need to start your search for the perfect dress to wear at your daughter’s wedding at least several months before the wedding is scheduled to take place. Do not do it one month before the wedding.

5. Trousers are in Fashion

Trousers and coats are among the most casual mother of the bride dress that women can wear at their daughter’s wedding. If you do not want to wear a dress at the wedding, you can opt for trousers with a coat. As of late, they have become increasingly popular, not just with the mother of the bride, but also with people to wear at formal events.

You will find more people wearing a dress instead of trousers and coat. Most probably, you have seen celebs wearing trousers and coats at formal events and even at weddings. Why don’t you be the one to break the tradition and wear something different at your daughter’s wedding? It is casual and comfortable. It is perfect.

6. Go for a Bespoke Dress

If you do not want to select a mother of the bride dress off the rack, you can visit a wedding dress specialty store for a bespoke dress. If you do go with a bespoke dress, you will need to place your order at least three months before the wedding is to occur.

It takes time to create customized dresses, as it includes alterations throughout the entire process. You will find yourself at the store for fitting several times during those three months. With a bespoke dress, you also get a lot of advantages. You can tell the designer to create you a dress exactly as you envisioned it in your mind.

Or perhaps, you saw a dress in a magazine and you want to wear something like that at your daughter’s wedding. Whatever the case is, you should not delay going to a designer to create your customized casual mother of the bride dress as it takes time.

For mothers of brides who are not opting for bespoke dresses, but want to buy one from the store, they should check out the newest collection of the designer. Also, they should not think too much. If they like a dress they see, they should buy it.

More Tips

You do not have to shop alone for casual mother of the bride dresses. You can take your daughter, best friend, or any family member to visit different stores until you find the right one that follows all these rules on selecting the right casual mother of the bride dress.

If you want, you can even shop online for a casual dress to wear at the wedding. You should not look at just one medium to look for dresses to wear at the wedding but several, as you never know from where you will find the right dress.

We hope you have an idea of what you need to look for shopping for a dress for your daughter’s wedding. Remember, start early.

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