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One of the greatest nightmares every future bride has? Facial skin gone crazy right before their big wedding day.

Since I was a teenager I wished I could live under a rock so that nobody could see my face, my sensitive skin that was occasionally turning red, irritated or inflamed and with pimples. I’ve been drifting between dermatologists, gynecologists and endocrinologists that sent me to take all kinds of tests, read every existing article or community board on this subject and spent a fortune on medicine and beauty products that promised me a perfect, flawless, “baby like” skin. Eventually, after tons of experiments made on my face, I now finally reached a point where I’m ok with going out of the house without applying any make-up on.

If you happen to be one of those lucky women that can do anything they want to their skin cause it will always look great, no matter what: I envy you. A lot. 🙂
If not, keep reading on what irritates our skin and what we can do about it.

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What irritates our skin?

Besides food, drink or medication allergies, skin irritation can be caused by many external factors: sun exposure, smoke, air pollution, heat, insect bites, poison ivy, washing with extremely hot water, soaps, sauna, cosmetic procedures or make-up products. It might not always be very visible at first, but it aggravates under constant exposure.

What to do about it?

Try to figure out what caused it and then treat it. Since the first thing takes time and patience and it’s easier said than done, it would be best to simply cut out all irritating factors.

1. Protect your skin from sun. Every morning, after cleaning your face and gently dabbing it with a paper towel, use a cream with SPF – even during the winter, if it’s cloudy or if you’re not going out of the house during daylight.

2. Avoid as much as possible staying in smoke.

3. Skip any procedures that can irritate the skin: peelings, scrubbing, facial hair waxing, washing with very hot water, going to the sauna or steaming.

4. Stop using products that use irritating substances. This includes make-up products, scrubs, exfoliants, soaps, but also house cleaning products or laundry detergent. Read their ingredients list and see if they contain some of the most irritating for our skin: alcohol, fragrance, menthol, citrus oils / extracts (lemon oil, grapefruit), mint (check out a list HERE).

5. Apply on skin anti-redness treatments or anti-irritating ingredients, such as aspirin, aloe vera, green tea.

Everyone’s skin is different so I’m not going to recommend any particular cosmetic brands – what works for someone may have the exactly opposite effect on somebody else. It’s best to read the ingredients list, in order to make sure you don’t buy anything with irritating ingredients, and avoid making any experiments in the last weeks before your wedding day.

If the irritation spreads, persists for more than 4 days or gets worse, go see a doctor.

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