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Arianna, Designer & Expert Event Consultant at RUNAWAY BRIDE RIVIERA MAYA, is here to talk about what a wedding planner can do for a bride.


Question: Arianna, many thanks for agreeing to do this interview with us. First of all, please let our brides know what are the duties of a wedding planner and what you, as a wedding planner yourself, can do for a bride.

Answer: Brides-to-be: We are her eyes!!! … Our duties as Wedding Planner are: provide you of ALL the tools you may need in order to take decisions according to your Wedding Dreamed, including vendors with quality and competitive prices, a great knowledge of the area, comprehension and understanding of your vision in terms of colors, decor, concept and needs (budget).

Q: What made choose this career path?

A: When I started was because The Director of the 1st Hotel where I worked in Riviera Maya, saw my skills to take the position, he bet for me and believed in my passion and commitment of taking the control of each Celebration. After that moment, I continued with my preparation and knowledge in the Area, so much Events as Weddings. It’s my Passion, I love to design, plan and coordinate each Celebration. Enjoy every minute, every decision, every selection!

Q: How long have you been in the business?

A: Almost 7 years… counting 😉

Q: What is you biggest challenge?

A: Understand and create, within Budget, each desire, each thought and each dream from my Clients (and their Parents, sometimes)

The satisfaction of my Clients!

Q; Have you ever dealt with what everyone calls a “bridezilla”? How did that turn out for you?

A: Every Bride is Special, I wouldn’t call them “Bridezilla”… We, Women, we’re Special and it is understandable that during our Wedding sometimes the stress, pressure and our position can influence in our temperament. Nothing that a good Wedding Planner can’t handle.

Q: How do you convince brides they need a wedding planner at their wedding?

A: We don’t have to convince them, are their needs and the location they selected, what will make take that decision.

Q: And what exactly do you do on the wedding day?

A: We take care of every single detail that we previously talked, planned and designed, what they will want to see in their Celebration, who will be in charge of what, what will happen every minute of their MOST important day! … Colors, textures, designs, setups, everything 😉

Q: What have you found from your own experience, what freaks out brides the most when it comes to planning their own wedding?

A: That finally They have to take decisions, they have to decide what will want and must to be within their Budget!!!…  That part for me is the most exciting and fruitful in the entire Celebration, besides The BIG DAY!!!

Q: Describe an emotional moment that you had while being hired to work at a wedding.

A: I have many good moments, but one really strong for me was when a future Bride called me to ask what will happen if her Dad will die before her Wedding, because he was sick at the Hospital… and my father had been died a few weeks ago, for my mind everything passed like a movie in just a few seconds… The chemistry begun! …sometimes although you don’t want express yourself, is the chemistry and the tone of your voice, what make them feel that confidence and hire you.That was almost 2 years ago.

Q: What should brides look for in a wedding planner?

A: A conference call where they can hear and feel the chemistry and the connection with who will be their eyes since the moment of hiring until the last minute of their Celebration! … Price, location, and many others details will be easier when the magic’s come out!

Q: One last piece of advice for our readers?

A: We are here for you, make sure to receive comments from other couples that she planned and coordinated their wedding. Ask for a call before a Budget and follows your heart, he never fail!

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Credits: Del Sol Photography

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