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Soothing wrist pain: best braces for carpal tunnel

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At one point I dreaded everything that had to do with my right hand. Numbness, tingling, throbbing pain.

I had felt it all.

It’s shocking how carpal tunnel syndrome can turn your daily life into a completely miserable experience.

A little less than two months were enough for my stubborn self and I went to my doctor. Mind that at that time, I had no idea carpal tunnel braces existed. I thought I was in for a surgery.

My doc recommended me to try a wrist brace for carpal tunnel. After testing a few ones, I found the Mueller Green fits me the most:

Mueller is my top pick for the best wrist brace for carpal tunnel syndrome.

In only a few weeks my symptoms started fading away. Luckily, I was in the early stages of carpal tunnel when wrist wraps are quite effective. Always consult with your medical professional!

So is there only one best wrist brace for carpal tunnel? Not at all.

There’s actually quite the choice with a few nuances between different splints. Here are my top 4 carpal tunnel wrist brace choices: 

  • Mueller Green
  • Comfort:

  • Freedom of movement:
  • Design:
  • Aid Brace
  • Comfort:

  • Freedom of movement:

    Covers a bigger part of your fingers & restricts movement.
  • Design:
  • Wellgate PerfectFit
  • Comfort:

  • Freedom of movement:

    Ultra lightweight!
  • Design:
New Type
  • Camelbak Lobo
  • Comfort:

  • Freedom of movement:

    Bracelet-like design for unmatched flexibility.
  • Design:

The 4 best wrist braces reviewed

1. Best carpal tunnel brace for typing:
Mueller Fitted Green Line

Best wrist brace for carpal tunnel syndrome would be Mueller's green one.

Quite free movement, soft cushioning and the power of two adjustable straps so your wrists stay put. Mueller is popular with a few very good reasons and I’ve been a loyal customer of their wristbands for carpal tunnel.

At first, you’d think this is quite the rigid wrist guard. Especially if you’re considering gaming/typing on a computer. Don’t be fooled – there’s a surprising amount of free range to be found here.

In fact, I use this in my day job (involves a lot of computer work) and after the initial adapting-to-it-period, there has been no discomfort. What helps is the extra soft cushioning inside that makes Mueller a very soft wrist splint for carpal tunnel.

Materials matter and Green Line sticks to that policy. Its anti-microbial materials do their best to reduce odors. I won’t lie to you – if you’re in a very humid area, any wrist brace will get smelly at one point.

Mueller's green line is my pick for the best wrist brace for carpal tunnel syndrome out there.

As there’s not much velcro here, you can just throw it in the washing machine (cold cycle) and you’re set.

The materials are also eco-friendly and non-petroleum based, as well as recycled. Ethical consumers will love this Mueller wrist support.

Note that you have to pick either a left or a right design for your carpal tunnel brace. These are not interchangeable, which is my only criticism.

2. Best carpal tunnel brace for sleeping:
Aid Brace night splint

As for the best wrist splint for night time, this is a good contender.

You can use the Mueller as night wrist wraps too, but AidBrace might be a better choice if you’re looking for a sleeping brace.

Once again you have a good combination of tight, but comfortable support and soft cushioning for your hand’s well-being. The big difference here lies in the length of the brace: it actually covers a big part of your fingers.

This means that for most daily uses it might be a bit too uncomfortable. As it goes up until around your fingers’ middle parts, this isn’t the best pick for carpal tunnel brace for typing or work. You’d be quite restricted in your movement.

For night time, though, you’re in for a cozy, fluffy treatment. I’ve tried this one and I actually preferred it to the Mueller. However, I ended up with Green Line due to preferring its daily versatility.

Another strong point of the AidBrace is the fact that it’s interchangeable. If you get one, you can use it as a carpal tunnel wrist splint for both your right or left hand. Something that you can’t do with the Mueller.

This model has a little bit more velcro than the Green Line, so I’d advise you to go the hand washing route. Putting it in the washing machine might compromise its materials.

3. Best wrist splint for women:
Wellgate Wrist Splint

Best wrist splint for women: Wellgate Wrist Splint

Now, most of the best hand braces for carpal tunnel syndrome are unisex and support various sizes. That said, if you’re a woman and have smaller, delicate wrists, Wellgate’s splint might be your best bet to rejuvenate them.

This is perhaps the most lightweight wrist support out there, with a cloud-like comfort stuffed inside. Seriously: the padding is even more amazing than other alternatives. This comfort also makes Wellgate one of the best tendonitis wrist braces too.

Again you have two support straps and they’re located in the same spots as Mueller’s. You can tighten properly (don’t overdo it!) and the memory foam padding will reduce the support pressure.

Your fingers will remain fully free, with a small exception around your thumb. The materials are quite breathable and don’t “catch” odors easily.

The only possible drawback you might see here is the white color. Depending on your use, this might mean you’ll need to wash this carpal tunnel wrist brace more often than other models.

Last but not least, you can use this as a carpal tunnel brace for work, sleeping or typing. Very versatile, thanks to its lightweight, opened up design.

4. Best innovative carpal tunnel wrist support:
M Brace RCA

Best innovative carpal tunnel wrist support: M Brace RCA

This right here is, without a doubt, a unique way to tackle your carpal tunnel syndrome pains. Instead of coming up with a wrist splint, M Brace offers zero finger restriction and unmatched flexibility.

The RCA is basically a wrist device that you wear just like a…watch, let’s say. It’s extremely lightweight and very discrete – only 1 1/4″ by 3″ in size. It doesn’t actually cover any part of your palm or fingers.

As you can guess, this makes it the best wrist support for typing, sports or other intensive activities. You can also pick from a few different colors, including a very stylish beige version of this carpal tunnel device.

In the package you’ll also receive two latex-free foam pads. You can either put them for increased comfort, or leave them to retain the extremely lean wrist experience.

Made of plastic and velcro, RCA is quite skin-friendly, so you shouldn’t worry about skin irritation.

If you’re feeling adventurous and want to try an innovative take on easing carpal tunnel symptoms, this is an amazing way to do so. I have no problem with wearing wrist pads, so I’m sticking to them instead.

How do I put on a wrist brace?

Good news: wrist pads for carpal tunnel are one of the easiest things around. You just need to loosen the straps enough to be able to slide your hand in.

Once you’ve slid your hand, pull on the supporting straps. Some models will only have one, others will have two of them.

Secure the straps properly and you’re good to go. You’re literally done in seconds!

How tight should a wrist brace be?

You want support, but you don’t want your carpal tunnel splint suffocating your hand or harming you in any way.

Test different adjustments with the straps. You should feel the wrist guards tighten around your wrist, but not immobilize it to the point of pain.

Will wrist braces cure my carpal tunnel/tendonitis?

With a well-fitted guard for wrists, you should still be able to perform somewhat free movements.

Carpal tunnel wrist support that’s too tight not only might compromise your health…It can also lead to excessive sweating (especially in hotter climates). This will lead to unpleasant odors and might irritate your skin too.

Will wrist braces cure my carpal tunnel/tendonitis?

Always consult with your medical professional. I thought I needed an operation, because I was uneducated about my situation.

Luckily for me, my carpal tunnel was in its early stages, so the support of a wrist splint has been enough to take care of that.

If your condition is more serious, however, you might need to think about other measures. Paying your doctor a visit is always the best way to make a decision on your future actions regarding your health.

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