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Not long ago, a backpack or a rucksack was just an accessory used by kids for their school books. Today, things have greatly changed, and a backpack is now considered as a useful and necessary accessory by both adults and schools kids.

This is mainly due to the advancement in technology, the type of materials used, the design, and the main purpose of the backpack. One of the most important changes made to the design is the backpack’s ability to repel water, which is why there is a long list of waterproof backpacks to choose from.

In this short review, we will talk about the different features, advantages, and disadvantages of the ArcEnCiel 25L Waterproof Military Backpack Rucksack. This will help you in the search for a waterproof backpack fitting for your needs and lifestyle.


  • 20-25 liter capacity
  • Perfect for a fitness, outdoor, and general lifestyle backpack
  • Available in 4 colors
  • Set comes with one backpack and one rain cover
  • Scratch resistance and does not easily fade
  • Stitching and webbing use military specification nylon material
  • Waterproof, will not degrade even when exposed to wet conditions
  • Made of strong and quality materials
  • Well-designed, provides back and shoulder support
  • Bag straps offer great air permeability
  • High-intensity nylon buckle used on bag’s body to prevent cracks and deformation


When it comes to affordable, stylish, dependable, and functional, the ArcEnCiel 25L waterproof Military Backpack Rucksack is one of the most recommended waterproof backpacks by users. This is mostly because of the 25L capacity and the weight the backpack can handle.

This allows users to stuff as many things as they can inside the backpack and not worry about it breaking at the seams or unraveling while they’re using it.

One of its consistently praised features is the small pockets located inside the bigger pockets. This allows users to easily organize their small things, which are usually lost inside backpacks without adequate pockets for storage.

Aside from the small pockets, the main pocket of the bag also allows for easy access to the contents of the bag because the secure and well-made zippers attached on the main pocket widely open; users no longer have to worry about wasting their time digging into a backpack that with a small mouth.

Another great plus for the ArcEnCiel 25L Waterproof Military Backpack Rucksack is its versatility of use. Some users bought this bag simply to be used for school because it is large and strong enough to hold all their heavy textbooks. Its design is very universal that both college and high school kids are happy to use this bag for school.

Other functional uses for the bag include as a backpack used for storing “storm kit” items; an everyday bag for carrying a change of clothes for the gym or playing sports; and of course, as a handy backpack for working professionals who carry around laptops.


When buying the ArcEnCiel 25L Waterproof Military Backpack Rucksack, take note that it comes with an attachable rain cover as well. The main purpose of this rain cover is to enhance the water resistance of the bag.

There have been users who have mentioned that their bags were not waterproof mainly because they did not utilize the rain cover. If you are planning to go outdoors using this bag and you’re expecting rain, make sure to bring the rain cover with you.

Some buyers have noted that the canvas material used on the outside of the bag is not to their liking because of its heavy nature. The chosen material is there to provide extra protection against external factors.

If you do not like backpacks made with canvas as the main material, the ArcEnCiel 25L Waterproof Military Backpack Rucksack may not be a good choice for you.


When it comes to outdoor and waterproof backpacks, it’s really hard to find a brand that can deliver all the benefits you want while at the same time staying at a reasonable price.

If you’re simply looking for a rucksack for everyday use that will give you water resistance and allow you to store a great deal of your belongings inside, the affordable ArcEnCiel 25L Waterproof Military Backpack Rucksack is for you. If not, then the search continues for the perfect waterproof backpack.

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