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In this article we are going to present you a few gorgeous and sleek creations made by the famous fashion wedding dress designer Antonio Riva. This is our first attempt to present you a few of our favorite designs on our website made by this genius designer and we are looking forward to see your opinions on these lovely pieces. There is no doubt that these fabulous Antonio Riva wedding dresses we’re showing you here are totally impressive, charming and unique due to their sophisticated and elevated designs.

We are glad to see that the industry of wedding dresses is constantly changing, where bridal couturiers are always in search of the perfect bridal look that they can offer to a woman. We are happy to notice that each designer in part is willing to invest more time and energy in creating more and more elegant, refined, extravagant and romantic gowns especially for the modern bride who is always looking for that special one of a kind look for the big day.

But before we start recommending these beautiful gowns to all of you, we must narrow down the category of brides who would actually purchase one of these splendid dresses by saying that the predominant fabric used in the majority of this designer’s creations is silk. Therefore, those of you who can wear silk and wish to wear a wedding dress made only of Italian silk should definitely invest in one of these charming Antonio Riva wedding dresses shown here. You can always browse for more shiny and lustrous Italian silk wedding dresses made by this couturier on his official website.

Perhaps you can feast your eyes in his previous bridal collections as well, and see whether you can find something even more flattering and provocative for your own wear. This fashion designer is a master when it comes to creating glamorous silk wedding dresses for the contemporary bride who is betting on a marvelous impressive and exquisite look for the big day. His dress masterpieces are impeccable elegant, pure and refined, due to the precision of the cuts, the finesse of the lines, the cleanliness and sensuality of the silhouettes and most of all due to the passion invested in creating these original pieces.

This passion and love for creating such superb and attractive silk wedding gowns transpire throughout every single cut and line of these dresses. We recommend these fabulous creations to all of you who look at their best in silk wedding dresses. We know that there are many of you who totally dislike silk, and the reasons are many and different.


Silk is known as one of those fabrics that can confer the bride a more feminine, sensual and sexy curved silhouette, where the body is well emphasized by its luscious and form-fitted fine texture. Brides who are not comfortable knowing that all the curves of their body are going to be highlighted should definitely rethink their options and head to something else. Browse for more silk wedding dresses on our website if you are a fan of this luxurious fabric!

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