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French manufacturer Airvada has decided to innovate in the drone industry and has been working on launching the Diodon – the world’s very first inflatable and waterproof drone.

Airvada Diodon Drone

Using a compact electric pump to fill it with air, the Diodon is ready for take off at any minute. Because of its inflatable properties, the Diodon takes up far less space compared to regular drones. Both the unfolding and inflating as well as the deflating and folding should only take up about 45 seconds, which makes it pretty simple to set up the Diodon for use.

While it does have waterproof capabilities, there are some concerns that this lightweight drone may not be able to withstand powerful wind conditions.

There are 3 different versions of the Diodon, each one of the including different specs:

SP20 – 200 g

  • Payload example : camera with HD video downlink system
  • Folded : 200x200x100 mm
  • Unfolded : 700x700x100 mm
  • Endurance : up to 20min

MP40 – 400 g

  • Payload example : compact camera with gimbal and HD video downlink system
  • Folded : 300x300x150 mm
  • Unfolded : 1200x1200x150 mm
  • Endurance : up to 30min

HP150 – 1,500 g

  • Payload example : DSLR / thermal camera with gimbal
  • Folded : 400x400x200 mm
  • Unfolded : 1500x1500x200 mm
  • Endurance : up to 35min

Unfortunately, you can only get a price if you ask for a quote and this has raised some suspicions as to how affordable this new gadget could be. Anyone interested in a price quote, can find the drone here.

[Source: Airvada]

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